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Move Data between iPhones with Mover

Apart from the recently talked about Bump, there is no way for users to easily transfer data directly between iPhones. This is something seriously lacking in a so-called “Smartphone”, but it looks like this is going to be remedied very quickly. Mover Moves Data Between iPhones Easily Just slide your...
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Top 3 Online Book Publishers

If you want to publish a book, you need to have a book publisher. In today’s world, where everything is centered around the internet, online book publishing is a big business. Whether you plan to become an internationally renowned author, distribute a few books to friends, or get corporate books...
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The Firefox Chronicles

Firefox! Everyone knows what it is, most people who know about it use it. It is threatening the monopoly held by Internet Explorer for many years and is now the second most widely used web browser in the world today and is gaining popularity exponentially. Background Technically, Firefox is a...
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