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3 Awesome Gadgets We Know You’ll Want To Own

Technology isn’t just about making your business better or making more money. It’s also about improving our lives and having more fun. The world of tech is changing. The advances we used to think would stay in science fiction or held out of the consumer price range will soon be on the market. That is, if they aren’t already. We’ve been searching the web for the coolest pieces of tech we want to own. These gadgets will either soon be sold or are already available to own. We are sure you will join us in shouting at the computer screen…


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Tech From Your Childhood

Remember watching Jurassic Park when you were little? There’s a classic scene where the two kids are in the car as the rain pours. The boy gets bored, reaches under his seat and pulls out night vision goggles. Every child in the cinema immediately wanted a pair. That’s probably why Spielberg felt the need for one of the characters to comment on how expensive the gadget was. But, not anymore because now you can buy army grade, cheap night vision goggles online. We admit these gadgets are probably useful for hunting or wildlife watching at night. But to be honest, we just want to switch all the lights off and pretend to be a marine.

Tech From The Future

It’s 2015 and the less geeky probably won’t know this is the year Marty Mcfly travelled to in Back To The Future: Part II. Here he encountered many fascinated pieces of tech that have yet to materialised. But, you’d be hard pressed to forget. New developers want to remind us with gadgets and gizmos inspired by the film promised for release.

Some of the best include the self tying shoes that Nike will soon release. You can also look forward to a small finger hoverboard soon hitting the shelves for kids. As well as this, developers are hard at work on building a life-sized working hoverboard to sell. There are still a few kinks to work out it seems and it’s going to be a little late. But very soon, we should be able to buy the first ever Hoverboard. Although we do wonder who is going to be brave enough to try it for the first time.

Tech Come To Life


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As a new day passes in 2015, there seems to be a new mention of virtual or augmented reality. Is it the latest gimmick for games, or is it here to stay? Will it even catch on with budget app games becoming more popular than most advanced titles? No one knows for sure. What we do know is that the first headsets will be released early next year and will have a price tag similar to a games console. But, we can’t be the only ones that want to try Call Of Duty in a fully immersive VR setting, can we?

Which piece of tech are you most looking forward to buying? We think the night vision is the winner here. It’s the cheapest and is available to buy now, so there’s no wait.