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3 Gambling Technology Trends to Watch out for

Online gambling is still growing, and most analysts agree that growth will continue for several years yet. But at the same time, online gambling is changing, maturing, and several interesting trends are beginning to emerge.

Mobile security


The growth of mobile gambling doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon. Still, there is plenty of room for improvement. When it comes to gambling, mobile still often feels like an afterthought, and for some things, like payments, that’s not really acceptable. Secure mobile payment options are a must, and something you need to be serious with, if your goal is to increase your mobile presence.

Picking a good, secure, payment platform is essential, regardless of whether you use dedicated apps or a mobile website. Once that’s done, the next step is to try and provide a great mobile experience, which is something that far from all online casinos manage. According to, “The best online casino deposit option from almost every point of view is an e-wallet account”, not least because it’s considerably more secure than using a credit card.



The controversial cryptocurrency Bitcoin has many uses, and contrary to popular belief, not all of them are shady or illegal. Bitcoin is maturing, and reputable banks, like Barclays, are beginning to support it. For online casinos and gambling sites, Bitcoin is close to perfect. There are no transaction fees, and the transactions are near-instant.

Bitcoin is also in many ways a very transparent payment technology, and that transparency can help build trust between casino operators and gamblers. Add to that that Bitcoin is cheap and easy to implement, and we should expect to see more and more gambling sites to implement the technology in the not too distant future.

Getting more social


Social gaming has been big for years now, but social gambling not so much. The growth potential, however, is enormous. Social gaming is old news, and yet, the lessons have been more or less ignored by gambling operators. The amount of time – and money – people spend on social games is nothing to sneeze at.

Making fun social gambling apps surely can’t be impossible, with the added benefit of having a chance to win real money. The social gaming market is largely untapped by the gambling industry – but it won’t be forever, and the first gambling operator to “crack” social gaming will take online gambling revenue to new heights.