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3 Pro Tips for Using Instagram for Business

Catering the socializing needs of over 700m users, Instagram is amongst the largest fastest growing social networks. Apart from a social networking platform, Instagram has also emerged as a lucrative platform for social media marketing.  Marketers have identified Instagram’s potential as a platform for marketing and engagement with consumers and have started utilizing it for marketing purposes.

Businesses with diverging operational scales can leverage Instagram to engage and communicate with existing and potential customers, increase brand awareness, carry out CRM in an efficient manner and maximize ROI.

Below are three pro tips for businesses looking forward to utilizing Instagram.

Switch To Business Profiles

Instagram recently extended support for marketers when they unveiled Instagram Business tools. The introduction of these tools was aimed at offering greater convenience to businesses and their customers by creating a favorable atmosphere for businesses to operate in.

‘Instagram Business Profiles’ is the most notable feature of this set of tools. Instagram now provides distinct and specially-designed profiles for businesses willing to leverage Instagram. These profiles are extremely accommodating towards businesses. Not only it distinguishes a business profile with a regular profile, but also offers convenience to the business itself and its customers.

One can convert to a business profile simply by providing a few official details and feeding in some necessary information. The straightforward and hassle-free conversion unlocks exclusive features for businesses.

Instagram business profiles enable a contact button in the profiles. The contact button is supposed to make it easier for the customers to contact a business by allowing the contact option. You can feed in our phone number and Email address as contact options.

This exclusive Contact option also allows your customers to obtain directions to the physical presence of your business.

Leverage Third-Party Tools

There are many Instagram tools out there, aimed at assisting you with your marketing strategy. Businesses can utilize these tools to enhance their marketing and gain a competitive edge over competitors.

Initially, to jumpstart the Instagram page of your startup, you may acquire services from tools such as Vibbi. This tool enables you to gain followers on Instagram. Such tools are extremely useful in establishing credibility, encouraging more consumers to follow your page. Apart from that, Vibbi also provides an “Instaport” service, to back your content up. It ensures that you never lose your valuable content.

Maximizing engagement around your business’s Instagram page is an essential element of Instagram marketing strategy. Greater engagement leads to higher brand awareness and soaring revenues. Numerous Instagram third-party marketing tools can be utilized to keep your audience engaged. Tools such as Schedugram can be used to schedule Instagram posts and maintain higher posting frequency.

You may also decide to utilize tools such as Hootsuite to hire and manage administrators for your Instagram account and never leave it unattended.

Several other Marketing tools also enable you to convert your Instagram gallery into shoppable feeds. You can simply acquire services from tools including Like2buy and Shopseen to turn you Instagram gallery shoppable. These tools enable your customers to explore and purchase products right from your Instagram gallery, making it highly convenient and hassle-free.


Get To Know Each Other

An important step in establishing long-term relationships with your customers is to familiarize them with the business. Successful businesses tend to take their audience behind-the-scenes, not literally of course. They usually make their audiences aware of the dynamics of the market, leading to a sense of ownership in public for the business. It is an excellent example of effective customer relationship management.

Businesses can use this technique to establish relationships with customers, leading to greater brand loyalty. To familiarize your audience with the business, you can post information about the story/motivation behind the foundation of your business. You may also post facts regarding your business or hold quizzes/contests to test your customers’ knowledge about your business.

You may also post videos/images related to the production process of your products and offer factory tours for your customers.

Another fruitful way is to introduce the most notable members of your team over Instagram. People will get to know the team behind your business, leading to greater brand loyalty.

The tips mentioned above are quite likely to aid the marketing strategy of your business.