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4 Cool Ways Technology Gets Used For Advertising

Advertising and marketing play a massive role in helping to raise the profile of any brand. In fact, it’s safe to say that without advertising, there wouldn’t be a brand to promote! Businesses and other organizations use all kinds of advertising techniques and strategies.

Some are traditional, such as billboards and newspapers. Others are digital and can reach a connected world with little cost. The latter is something that more people are opting for these days. That’s not to say that traditional advertising is dead, of course. It just means that advertisers have even more marketing options at their disposal.


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As you can imagine, technology gets used for digital advertising. Here are four cool examples that businesses and other organizations use a lot of these days:

  1. LED Display Panels

Have you visited somewhere like an airport or major train station recently? If so, you’ll most likely have come across LED panels. They are the 21st century’s answer to billboards and posters!

Unilumin LED panels, for example, display animated ads to their intended audiences. In essence, they are like giant Samsung LED TV screens. They grab people’s attention and can help put any brand at the forefront of a person’s mind.

  1. Messaging Apps

There are few people in the world today that don’t own a smartphone. They are devices that offer portable computing in a compact form. Aside from their productivity benefits, they’re useful for instant messaging!

You might not think it, but messaging apps offer the perfect advertising opportunities. For instance, Snapchat is useful for sharing photos of products and branding. SMS advertising is also another option for advertisers. They can work with mobile networks to broadcast messages to niche audiences.

  1. Micro Location Technology

Have you ever noticed that many apps you use on your smartphone are location-aware? Sure, you might think they’re useful for finding the nearest retail stores. But, they serve an even bigger purpose: advertising!

Retailers can use a phone’s GPS to broadcast details of special offers at nearby stores. That results in making a brand more memorable to people. And, of course, it encourages customers to buy more stuff!

  1. Convergent Technology

The 21st century has seen a boom in the rise of convergent technology. For instance, you can buy fridges that update your grocery lists via Bluetooth. You can tell smart monitors to turn on your lights and heating when you’re approaching home. And smart watches can even tell you when you need to eat or drink something to raise low energy levels!

Convergent technology opens up a wealth of advertising possibilities for companies. Using the above examples, your fridge can “recommend” you buy a certain brand of food. And your smartwatch could do the same with energy drinks.


The above are just four of many new emerging technologies useful for advertising purposes. There’s no denying that advertisers are getting more creative when it comes to promotion.

In the future, we can expect to see all kinds of exciting new developments in the world of tech advertising. Let us know what you think the future holds!