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4 Health Benefits Of Playing Video Games

You can probably remember your parents limiting your time gaming as a child because they were worried about the negative effects it would have on your health. If you are now a parent, perhaps you too, do the same – are your kids only allowed a certain amount of gaming time each day?

Many studies that have shown that console and online games can have an adverse effect on the gamers health. However, there are also other studies that show the many health benefits of regular gaming.

That’s right, contrary to everything your parents told you as you grew up, gaming does have some amazing health benefits. Not convinced? Then make sure to have a read of this guide to the health benefits of gaming, below:


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  1. Video games can be therapeutic

A recent study has shown that for children suffering from long-term illnesses, like Parkinson’s, video games can be therapeutic.

According to the study, children who played computer games, showed improvements in resilience and confidence. The study suggested that the challenges in video games, as well as the positive rewards for overcoming them, helped the children to become more resilient. This allowed them to face their illnesses with more confidence and emotional strength.

  1. Linked to reduced stress and depression

Research has suggested that gamers who suffer from stress and depression can be helped by playing video games.

It may sound crazy, but being able to vent frustration and aggression by playing video games, allowed gamers with stress and depression, to feel happier and calmer. Research suggests that playing games gives gamers a chance to relax and de-stress, promoting a healthier mental state.

  1. Playing games can help to reduce pain

A recent study has shown that playing video games online on sites such as Playberry or on a gaming console, can help to reduce both mental and physical pain. The way gaming helps to reduce pain is simple: it distracts the mind from the pain.

According to the study, hospital patients recovering from surgery required less pain relief when playing online games.

  1. Vision improvements

Your parents may have told you that staring at the computer screen for too long would damage your eyesight, but that isn’t actually the case. A study found that playing video games can actually help to improve your vision – it might sound crazy, but it’s true.

According to the results of the study, people who suffer from cataracts can improve their vision by regularly playing video games. The fast-paced nature of these games means that players have to use a lot of attention, which over time trains the visually impaired eye to see things more clearly.

Your parents may have told you as a child that spending too much time playing computer games was bad for you, but this isn’t always true. Playing computer games can, in certain circumstances, have amazing health and wellness benefits. These benefits not only apply to physical illness, but also to mental conditions.