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6 Simple Ways To Improve Your Business Website

Business websites often lack creativity. Your website should be an advert and an endorsement for your business. You need to make sure that you get loads of traffic to your site each month so that it is a success. Improving your website should be an ongoing battle. You will never have the perfect website, but you need to keep trying. The moment you stop improving your site, you fall behind the crowd. The last thing you need is for your website to look outdated and dull. Here are six simple ways you can improve your website right now.

  1. Ask people what they want

You should never assume that you know what your clients want. You can’t fully understand your clients’ needs until you ask them. Much of the time, business executives fail to understand the role that clients play in their business. Without clients, you have no business. You need to keep them happy. Carry out some market research to find out what people look for in a business website. Use the information you gather to improve your current site.

  1. Redesign your site

Website design is an important part of creating a solid brand for your business. Everything associated with your business, from your logo to your site, speaks volumes about you. You need your company to have the right image, and that means that it needs the right design. Companies like feline soft web developers can help you to create the right look for your site. That way, you are sending out the right message to your clients.

  1. Make sure that your site is responsive

Every modern website needs to be responsive. If your website is not responsive, it will look old-fashioned. When someone looks at your site on their tablet, it needs to fit the screen perfectly. If it only looks great on a laptop screen, you could lose out on loads of customers. Make sure that your site responds to different gadgets and looks fantastic on each one of them.

  1. Include fewer pages

Sometimes people include too many pages on their site. That is a huge mistake that you need to avoid if you can. It is easy to go over the top and decide to have twenty different pages. The problem is that people favor simple websites over intricate ones. If your site has too many different things going on, people will not want to use it. You need to keep things simple. Have no more than five core pages on your website.


Image Credit: Anatasof Wirapraja

  1. Include a portfolio page

When clients look at your site, they want to see what you are all about. Of course, you will have an ‘about’ page, which describes your company, but you need to show people who you are too. Make sure that you include a portfolio page on your website. That way, people can look at examples of your previous work and see whether they like it. Display examples of your most successful projects on your website so that you impress clients.

  1. Install a live chat widget

If people can’t find what they need on your site, they need to ask you directly. Most companies put their email address or phone number on their website. Why not take things one step further? You could also include a chat box so that people can talk to someone at your company right away. There are many widgets that you can install for your website that will make communication easy for your clients. When people can chat to you in an instant, they will find the entire user experience easy.