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Baobab – a Filesystem Space Analyser

So you’ve got this spanking new 500GB hard drive, and you excitedly start filling it up with things.
But, after a week, it’s almost full! But you don’t understand what is taking up all that space.

Baobab – a Filesystem Space Analyser

If you’re a bit of a Linux geek, you would have heard of the du command – which calculates the size of the files in each folder and displays it.

However, if you’re not a Linux geek, Baobab is for you.

Baobab is a simple, graphical disc space analyser

Baobab is a very simple graphical interface to the du command.
Just ask it to scan the filesystem, and you get a list of all the folders, along with the space they occupy on disc, making it trivial to track down a space-hogging directory.

Another neat feature is the folder graphical map. Click “View > Folder graphical map”, and you’ll be presented with a window that has a graphical representation of your filesystem.

Hovering over each tile will show you a tooltip with the name of the folder.

Download and install

Baobab is the repositories for Ubuntu – download it with a simple
sudo apt-get install baobab
or through Synaptic (or the new “Software Store” thing)