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Building a Strong Online Presence: What You Should Know

Building a strong online presence is a must for businesses in this day and age. Not only will potential customers see you as more trustworthy and be more willing to work with you, you’ll get found more for relevant search terms. The stronger the presence you have, the more likely you are to be found by potential customers. Then, when potential customers do find you, they’ll trust you because of your strong online presence. Social media offers social proof, which can be a big decider in whether or not somebody works with you. Here’s everything else you should know about building a strong online presence:

Write a Blog You’re Proud of

One of the best, most modern ways to build a strong online presence, is to write a blog you’re proud of. This doesn’t mean attacking it with content every hour of every day. If you’re uploading content that much, there’s really no way it can be the best. How can you be proud of your blog if you’re posting anything less than the best content? Write a blog you’re proud of by talking about things you care about and injecting personality. The blogs should be original and interesting too. Although you shouldn’t post multiple times a day, you should ideally keep to a schedule where you post a few times a week at least.


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Keep Social Media Updated Consistently

Having social media profiles is great, but they’re no use if you don’t update them. It can be a chore to do when you’re busy, which is why many businesses opt for a social media manager. Yes, that is a real job! A manager will take control of all of your social media profiles and engage with your audience at the right time, with the right thing. This will get you more exposure and you should notice a big difference!

Use Online Strategies to Help

Online strategies like SEO and PPC, can all contribute towards a stronger online presence. Companies like WME say that you really shouldn’t be without a strong online presence if you’re a business. People automatically find you more trustworthy when they find you online!

Don’t Use Any Shady Tactics

Shady tactics have been around for a while, but luckily, people are starting to realise that they do more harm than good. They might get quick results, but those results soon disappear and take you even further back than step 1. Avoid shady tactics and the temptation by thinking of where you could be organically in a year’s time if you just put in the work.

Be Patient

It takes a lot of patience, but like anything else, you can build a strong online presence if you just keep trying. Keep using legitimate tactics and aiming to provide your audience with quality information. If you keep the user in mind the whole time, there’s no way you can really go wrong!

Do you have anymore tips on building a strong online presence? We’d love to hear them. Leave a comment below!