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Could Streaming Services Really Put an End to Cable & Satellite Subscriptions?

The incredible rise of streaming services has been one of the massive success stories of the last few years.

With more and more people now using these services, it is a good time to ask whether they might put an end to traditional cable and satellite subscriptions. The following points make it clear that there is still plenty of room for both ways of enjoying our favorite shows.

More Content with Cable and Satellite

There is no doubt that streaming services are here to stay. The way in which the general public has greeted this way of watching television has been extraordinary. You only need to check out how many apps are available for streaming to see how many people now want to enjoy this freedom.

Yet, there is still no way that streaming services can match the massive range of content on offer from the top cable and satellite companies. If you watch a lot of television and want as much variety as possible then streaming is unlikely to fully satisfy you. Instead, you will want to check here for deals on the NFL Sunday Ticket and other exclusive content.

Streaming Plus Traditional Services Make Sense

It is easy to look at new technological advances like this and automatically assume that streaming is some sort of rival to traditional TV services. However, for most people having both options makes perfect sense.

By watching some content on streaming and other stuff the traditional way you can have the best of both worlds. In this way, it is possible to watch whatever you want in the way that best suits you. If you are currently relying on just one of these services then trying the other could up whole new worlds of entertainment for you.

Nothing Beats Watching in Comfort at Home

Probably the best thing about viewing TV content through streaming is that you can choose where you want to watch it. This is a fantastic type of freedom that people in the past simply didn’t have. Is it any wonder that we want to watch our TVs anywhere we can now?

Well, one point to bear in mind is that for many people there is still nothing better than settling down at home to watch some shows or some sport. Home television sets are now better than ever, so why not use them to their full capability? Few things in life feel better than getting home from a tough day at work and settling down in front of your TV to watch what really interests you.

It Is All About Freedom and Choice

Finally, watching television is more fun than ever before now, because of the freedom and choice these two different methods offer. For the first time in history we can now watch what we want in the way that suits is.

Cable and satellite give us the giant selection of channels, while streaming giving us flexibility and cutting edge technology. That is the kind of choice that we can all get used to very easily.


Streaming services certainly haven’t killed off cable and satellite. In fact, it is easy to see how both of these methods of watching TV can sit side by side and give us all far more entertainment options in the future.