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Gain a large following on Instagram

Instagram is the social media of choice for many, with over 1 billion monthly users. It's especially popular with the younger generations. 18-24 is the largest age category on the app. There are a large number of people you could connect with. It's convincing them to follow you which is...

10 Things You Need For The Perfect Corporate Event

Corporate events can often be make-or-break affairs for you and your business. Whether or not your event goes down well can mean the difference between landing crucial clients or losing them, between getting shareholders on-side and eroding their confidence. As such, it’s crucial that when you’re planning a corporate event,...

Warehousing Tech Innovations to Look Out for in 2020

The warehousing industry is slowly adopting tech innovation to enable automation in mundane processes. Statistics show that online purchases in the warehousing industry increased by 14.2% in 2019. This alone is proof enough that customers are drawn to a business that offers convenience. Automation empowers warehouses because it frees up...

The 4 Biggest Challenges DevOps Faces Today

Source: Since the DevOps concept burst onto the scene more than a decade ago, numerous organizations have recognized its benefits and quickly adopted it in their software development process. DevOps can and has delivered a wide range of benefits. Still, the road to DevOps adoption isn’t hurdle-free. There are...

The Best PC Setup For An Online Trader

If you’re embarking on an online trading adventure, then first allow us to say “congratulations”. It can feel quite difficult to get started in this industry, so taking the first steps should be commended. There are plenty of brokers out there who are rated pretty high for helping newbies and...

Has Technology Made Language Translation Easier?

Ever since with the evolution of mankind, the birth of different languages has taken place. When two persons belonging to two different lingual backgrounds interacted they find a need of a translator to communicate effectively. From that day till now the importance of translation has grasped the multidimensional aspects. Translation...
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