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Female Superheroes Are Dominating the Gaming Market

Some of you may jump out of your skin after hearing this, but it’s now official that the dominant majority of the gaming community are now female.

The internet advertising bureau published a study earlier his year that declared the gaming audience consists of 52% females. This vanquished the traditional stereotype and brought a fresh perception to the community which was previously believed to be a pastime for males.

However, for people following the demographic stats for previous years, this may be no surprise as the trend of increasing female gamers has been persistent over the years. By 2012 the percentage was at 49% pointing to future dominance of females. This trend is showing no signs of relenting either.

Developers are constantly looking to capitalize on ever changing demographics and this has further induced this trend.  A more diverse base of characters and plots pertaining this evolution has pushed these boundaries. Marvel is at the heart of this change by introducing female characters which become the icons of gaming industry in future. Marvel is focused on introducing female superheroes to cater to rising female gamers.

Marvel has intensified efforts give ground to female characters. Some of the biggest names in marvel superhero community are female. Carol denvers and spidey’s long overshadowed girlfriend spider-gwen being the more significant ones. Even thor is being reinvented as a female character!

To breakdown racial and gender based stereotypes, marvel has reinvented Ms. Marvel as a teenage muslim girl. This has encouraged many female gamers to enter the fray. Those who like to play mobile bingo for free are sure to have come across such characters, too.

Marvel is using its market power to influence the market by introducing powerful female superheroes and attracting a wide audience of females into the gaming environment.