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Going Abroad? Here’s All The Tech You Need


We love getting on a plane, and flying abroad to a new country. However, we’ll never do it without a bag full of handy tech and gadgets! There’s nothing worse than feeling lost and alone in a new place. A good arsenal of technology helps you feel a little bit more in control. You can keep in touch with family, navigate a new city, and just make you feel a little more at home. We’re on the road a lot, so we’ve started to figure out the essentials. Today, we’ll show you the essential tech and gadgets for any traveller. Whether it’s business, work or pleasure, keep these with you at all times!


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Smart DNS

Let’s be honest, the most important question is: how on earth are you going to watch Netflix? In many countries around the world, your favourite streaming services and some websites, are blocked. Regional boundaries restricts access and content for all sorts of reason. However, a smart DNS allows you get around these boundaries, and access all your favourite sites. If you’re not sure where to start, check out these smart DNS reviews, and find the best service. Now you can watch your favourite shows after a long flight.

Communication apps

One of the only downsides of travelling is missing your family and friends back home. It’s easy to feel isolated and lonely in a new place. But, a friendly smile and hello from everyone back home can cheer you up. Make sure you fill your smartphone and tablet with communication apps that let you connect with people. WhatsApp is perfect for instant messaging. Skype and Facetime will help you stream video directly. It’s almost like you never went away. While we’re on the subject, get an international SIM, and keep your old one safe.


We can’t travel anywhere without a good DSLR camera. We love to capture every small part of the journey (even the airports!) Keep a camera slung around your neck, and you’ll never miss a great opportunity again. It might be a stunning sunset, a bustling market place, or some friends you’ve met along the way. Snap them all, and you’ll always keep the memories. It’s worth buying the best one you can afford if you’re on the road a lot.

Language technology

How many times have you landed in a new country with no idea where you’re going? And you can barely even remember the native world for ‘hello’. Nightmare. Luckily, there’s an app for that! An app like Duolingo will help you learn the basic language necessary (you can learn some on the plane). There are also other apps and devices that will translate what you say in real time.

Travel speaker

We simply can’t travel without music. The two fit together so perfectly, it would be impossible to go anywhere without a soundtrack. Headphones are essential, but you never know when a party atmosphere might start. Some portable travel speakers will always provide the soul of the party. If you bump into new friends, this is always a great conversation starter.

That should keep you going tech fans! What do you always take with you?