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Google to Launch Smartphone and Telecom Service

Google seems to be gearing up towards a huge attack on the mobile and telecom industry, by planning to bring in a new Googlephone smartphone, a touchscreen device that will run a new version of Android, codenamed “Flan”.

The phone is said to feature a blazing fast Qualcomm processor that is over twice as fast as the processor present in the iPhone 3GS, allowing users to play advanced 3D games that could compete with the handheld gaming consoles available in the market.

Unlimited Free Voice Calls

Google will be marrying their new smartphone to the Google voice service, which allows users to redirect calls to their phone number via the web.
Google voice also provides users with a free US phone number, that can make unlimited free calls and text messages to any other mobile or landline phones within the US, through a VOIP system.

This means you will be able to make and receive calls over a WiFi network. This is not, however, limited to WiFi. You can use any method of connecting to the internet, even a 3G link through your existing phone provider.

However, existing telecom providers will not be too happy with this arrangement, since it will draw customers away from their own (paid) offerings.

Google controls the entire Stack

This is the first time a single company will control the entire stack – the phone, the OS and the service.
Since the Googlephone will operate over the internet, it will not be tied down to any specific carrier.
This, in turn, could drastically increase the price of Google’s phone offering to as much as $800, since the low prices of today’s smartphones are only because of the subsidisation offered by carriers, who can easily regain the money by locking customers down to their service.

This might attract the ire of other phone manufacturers who use the Android platform, since they do not have access to Android Flan.

Experts predict that the Googlephone might be released in the United Stated early next year.