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Here’s Why A 3D Pen Should Be On Your Christmas Gift Wish List This Year!

I know what you’re thinking: 3D pens are just a fad, right? The truth is, they are more than just a passing phase. They are one of the most popular gadgets to come out of the 21st century!

But, why are they so popular? Is it because they do something different? Well, in a sense, yes they do. But, did you know that they aren’t bought just for fun? It turns out they have many practical uses too!

If you’re thinking of what people should get you this Christmas, here’s why you should ask for a 3D pen:


Source: Flickr

They let you unleash your creativity

People’s creativity shines through in all manner of different ways. Some like to draw; others like to paint. You could even find creativity in the unlikeliest of places, such as your local grocery store!

But, what if you prefer to do something desk-based that allows you to be creative? And what if you wish to show off your creativity to the world in a three-dimensional format? Well, the obvious way to achieve those goals is by using a 3D pen!

You might not think it, but you could have a real gift for designing 3D objects using just your hand! The thing I love about 3D pens is that they are lightweight. It doesn’t matter if you have a top rated 3D pen or a basic model; they are comfortable to hold for long periods.

You can repair plastic objects

People that use 3D pens don’t just have them to create interesting three-dimensional doodles. They also use them for fixing plastic objects! Let’s say that your pen uses ABS plastic and so does the item you wish to repair.

The filament from your 3D pen will merge with your existing plastic part. It’s a bit like soldering, but using plastic instead of tin or lead solder! It’s no secret that we live in a throwaway society. Quite often, items get thrown away that have broken plastic but otherwise still work.


Source: Wikimedia Commons

Just think of the money you could save by repairing your broken plastic items instead of buying new ones!

You can extend existing plastic items

Have you worked on a 3D masterpiece last week? Perhaps this weekend you’d like to extend it and make it even more brilliant? The good thing about 3D pens, as you’ve no doubt already gathered, is their ability to fuse.

In other words, they can merge with other plastics. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re extending something built with your 3D pen or some other item. You have the flexibility to “add” extra layers or levels to plastic.

They are cheap to buy

Have you seen how much 3D printers cost? I know, they’re expensive, right? Well, that’s not the case with 3D pens. That means you are more likely to get one as a present because they are more affordable.

And with so many 3D pens on the market, prices for them will always stay low. So, make sure you put a 3D pen on your Christmas wish list for 2015!