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Hoverwatch: Great Cell Phone Spy Software

The Hoverwatch smartphone spy app allows you to track Android cell phones, which is good whether you’re wanting to keep track of your children or even your employees. Thus, if you are looking for free cell phone spy software, then read on. You can record their phone calls, texting, Facebook messages, and even camera data! You can also see, in secret, such things as contacts, online activity, GPS and calendar.

Some features:

Perhaps the apps biggest feature is that you can stay invisible. Only of the phone owner knows exactly what to look for will they know how to see if they’re being tracked. That’s the case even when the phone is unrooted.

One account nets you the ability to track five different devices. Whether smartphone or tablet, you can have access to five different devices.

SIM card notification. You’ll be notified when the device user of a monitored device switches SIM cards out.

Call Data and Recording. All conversations on the phone are recorded. You can also see the contact’s name as well as the length of the call.

Internet activity. The app saves all internet activities, which lets you see the websites the phone owner has gone to.

Monitoring WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS and MMS. The app stores all text messages, SMS and MMS included.

This works for parents because: In the world in this day and age the need to be in contact with children is very important and is in fact necessary. But smartphones can also be a major distraction as well. But it’s not necessarily smartphone games that are the danger, it’s more the adult material that’s so readily available online or disclosing sensitive information. This app is the best solution: it allows you to see what your kids are up to online and can help you to keep them away from the dangers that the online world offer. It’ll tell you the sites they visit as well as the type of information they share too.

This works for employers because: People often slack off or goof around when they aren’t being watched, texting too much and being online and things like that. Spy is a monitoring tool and this app makes it all but impossible for employees to waste time on the internet or waste time otherwise. It tracks their location so you can know how often they’re where they should be, whether working or even on break or lunch. And to go on top of everything else the app does record all phone calls and texts so you can be on top of whether your employees are using the phone for personal use or not.

Hoverwatch is truly the best way to go if you’re wanting and needing to monitor your children or employees. It works on any Android device and is the best method you can use to make sure things are both safe and not wasteful of your time and money.

The website has an Android installation guide right on the front page as well, so you can see exactly what to do to get things started.

Hoverwatch products come to you by Refog, founded in 2002. The company has helped millions the world over, from small companies to large enterprises.