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How To Ensure Your Mac Runs as Quickly as Possible

If your Mac is running slowly then this can quickly become very frustrating. The whole point of having a powerful machine such as a Mac is so that you can get tasks done quickly. Once this starts to not be the case your machine can seem pretty useless. However, this doesn’t mean you need to give up on your machine altogether. In fact, there are some really easy ways to get your machine backup and running.

Restart Your Machine

It might seem like a pretty simple solution but resetting your machine can help. We all get into the habit of leaving our machines o for days and weeks at a time. This often means that applications you’re using start to leak memory. This will cause the machine to run much slower than it should. Before you follow any extensive procedures to increase your Mac’s speed, just try switching it off and then on again.

What Items Run on Startup

When you install some applications they have a habit of setting themselves to start when your machine does. This can seem pretty harmless, but a few of these running in the background can really affect the performance of your machine. Go to Apple Menu > System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items and see what is running when you turn on your machine. If these are items that you don’t need then simply delete them by clicking the minus button.

While you’re there click back to System Preferences and go to the Other section. You might see a number of applications here that you don’t use any longer. Delete anything that you no longer need.

Clean up the Dashboard

Have a look at your Dashboard and see which Widgets you have installed. You might find that you have outdated Widgets and ones that you don’t ever need to use. It is a good idea to delete this and clear up some valuable memory within your machine.

How Often Do You Backup?

The Time Machine feature is a good one and can help to protect valuable files. However, if it backs up too often then it can slow down your machine. Make sure that you go into the settings of Time Machine and ensure that it only backs up at a time that is convenient to you.



Carry Out A PRAM Reset

It is also possible to carry out PRAM resets to speed up your Mac. PRAM refers to the parameter random-access memory and this can easily be reset. This memory is used to run different features of your machine such as start up, speaker volume etc. It  is worth looking up how to reset this (it’s easy) if your machine is running slower than normal.

You’ll need to shut down your machine and switch it on again. Immediately press and hole the Option-Command-P-R keys. Hold these down until your machine restarts itself. When your machine restarts you’ll notice a big difference.