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How To Force Stop ‘Not Responding’ Programs

Unresponsive programs in Windows quoting the dreadful message ‘(Not Responding)‘ are a common sight if you are a Windows user. These programs simply don’t listen to your commands and even refuse to close. They irritatingly waste your time and stay on the screen until they close which normally takes a long time.

Sometimes these frozen programs force you to open the Task Manager, detect the appropriate process and then end the process manually from there as they do not close on their own. This can be a horrible experience especially if you a Windows Vista user. Thankfully, there is an easier way out to close these frozen programs! Here’s how you do it.

Right click on your Desktop and click New>Shortcut.

Copy the following location: taskkill.exe /f /fi “status eq not responding” on to the text box in the window that opens.

That’s it. You are now done! From now on, anytime some program displays ‘(Not Responding)‘, just clicking on the shortcut will automatically detect and terminate the unresponsive program.
To make it even more easier you can even assign a shortcut key to open the shortcut using Keyboard Tweaker.

Note: The above trick works on Windows XP Professional(sadly not on XP Home Edition), all Windows Vista versions and even on Windows 7.

Don’t worry! For Windows XP Home users(and also universally for other Windows users), there is another trick that does the job.

Open Notepad and copy the following command on to it:

@echo off
taskkill.exe /f /fi “status eq not responding”
Now go to File>Save and give the File name as taskkill.bat on save it to your desktop.

From now on, anytime some program becomes frozen, just clicking on taskkill will automatically detect and terminate the unresponsive program.