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How to transform amazing images into wall art online

Traditional photos can be great to have in your home. We all love to look at family photos and great memories and frame them on our walls. However, having a unique piece of wall art can really transform a room. If you’re looking for a fresh new look to a room you’re redecorating, wall art can be a great feature piece to really add the ‘wow’ factor.

In the past wall art feature pieces were quite costly. Now, thanks to the internet, we can transform amazing images into wall art online from our very own homes. Whether you’ve taken a great holiday snap, love a photo of your loved ones or found a great image you cherish you can turn all of these into your very own wall art without having to break the bank.

Canvas prints

Canvas prints can be a great way to create a piece of wall art you really love. There are some fantastic companies that can now print any resolution onto a canvas from any source including your mobile phone and social media. They even let you add filters and effects and choose from a glossy or matt finish. You can turn your chosen image into a really great piece of art to display on your wall.

With canvas prints you can make panoramic, photo collages and large stand-out prints to suit your own style. What’s more, you can also choose from a range of sizes and even break up one image on several canvases to create a gallery worthy piece of wall art for your home.

Engineer prints

Whilst canvas prints are more common, the bigger you go, the more expensive they can be. If you still want to create a fantastic piece of wall art on a larger scale, opt for an engineer print instead. Engineer prints are also known as architect prints or blueprints and were traditional used for engineering and architectural work.

They are lightweight prints with softer lines than find art print. They used to just come in black and white, but you can now get them in colour. Choose the image you want and it creates a lovely vintage picture for the perfect shabby chic/industrial look in your home. One of the best things about engineer prints is that, whilst you can frame them, you can opt to hang them from rails or clips for a more affordable and stylish solution. You can create some big showstopping art for little money. Bear in mind the paper quality is lesser than that of traditional photographic prints and the image isn’t crystal clear, but as long as you understand this, you can create a fantastic piece of art. What’s more, you can take any high res image and adjust contrast and brightness using something such as this photography studio and create your optimum image before it goes to print.

Fabric Prints 

Fabric prints work a bit like tapestry and allow you to take a photograph or image and enlarge it onto a fabric. Hang this from a pole over your bed or in your living room for an unusual piece of wall art. They come in a range of different sizes and although you’re paying slightly more than an engineer print, the fabric is more durable. Fabric prints are always nicely defined so you can really show off your image when it’s displayed.

Creating wall art online is simple and takes minutes. You can scan in images or choose what you’ve already got on your computer. Upload it, adjust it and then get it printed so it’s delivered right to your door.