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Incredible Ways That Software Will Revolutionize Your Business

We all know that technology has opened all sorts of doors for modern businesses. It has allowed small startups to compete with the biggest corporate giants. In a sense, technology and computer software have levelled the playing field. Software, in particular, is designed to streamline your business activities. It makes the dense and time-consuming tasks simple and easy. It means you and your team can focus on the real job at hand.

Nowadays, complex business software is available (and affordable) for just about anyone. There is a certain democracy in being able to instantly download the best software on the market. It gives bedroom entrepreneurs and small businesses a good head start when it comes to running a company.

In this post, we’re looking at some of the most useful and effective business software out there. These pieces of tech kit are revolutionizing the business world, and changing how small businesses operate. Let’s get straight to it.


Final Cut Pro: The software that lets you create video masterpieces (photo source)

Industry specific software

Before we move onto the basic software that every business can use, we’re looking at a few industry-specific tools. These are crafted specifically for a niche purpose, and they’re doing wonderful things. Take the healthcare industry, for example. Doctors and medical professionals are now using home health software to deliver impeccable service. It means a team of care specialists can store accurate patient data and schedules. Patients themselves can access their personal account, and monitor their medication. It’s a phenomenal leap forward, and this automation is slowly happening in every industry.


CRM stands for ‘Client Relations Management’, and it’s the best way to monitor every single customer. It’s a sophisticated piece of technology that allows companies to organise, monitor, and automate sales and marketing. Let’s say you buy a product from Amazon. Their CRM software tracks your order, and is responsible for the customer emails you receive. The CRM knows what products you buy, so it knows what marketing emails to send you, and when. It helps increase your online conversions. Why? Because it’s efficient, personal, and powerful!

Accounting software

We have spoken to plenty of CEOs while running this blog. We love seeing what makes them tick. We’ve learnt that entrepreneurs are fantastic at coming up with ideas and new concepts. They’re not so good at managing the money! And they don’t need to be. Now, accounting software makes the entire process much easier. No more hand-written accounts, or messy Excel spreadsheets. Accounting software will automatically update your incomings and outgoings flawlessly.

Creative software

Content creation has quickly become a business priority in every industry. We’ve all seen the staggering rise of YouTube, and the concept of viral marketing. Unsurprisingly, everyone wants a piece of the action. In the past, this content creation was limited to creative professionals. Now, however, anyone can get their hands on industry-standard creative software. Photoshop is readily available to enhance and doctor images and photographs for publication. Final Cut Pro allows you to create professional videos quickly and accurately. You can even use Logic Pro to balance and affect the sound quality.

Customer service software

As your company grows bigger, so will the customer service department. In a small business, it’s usually left to just one person to answer all customer service queries. It can quickly become overwhelming as the business builds an audience. That’s when customer service software comes in very handy. Good software will itemise and prioritise queries. It will track responses, and remind you to follow up. It will help you and your company provide a better quality of service to your customers.

Product order software

If you run an online store, you need a product order software package. Even if you’re a small-time shop, it will drastically improve your efficiency. A good piece of software will process the order as fast as possible. It will monitor and update your stock and SKUs every time an order comes in. It will create and print the shipping sicker, and document the order within your CRM software. It will also allow you to track the customer’s order, and ensure quick delivery.

Scheduling software

You can, and should, automate everything in your business. Remember, modern industry revolves around a 24/7 clock. You’ll have customers, readers, and clients all around the world, and your service can’t stop for them. Using software, you can schedule and automate social media posts, email marketing blasts, and product updates. You can automate group calendars, and internal scheduling. Your business shouldn’t stop when you leave at the end of the day.

Software is revolutionizing businesses across the world. What pieces of software are you using?