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Linkylook : Rapidshare Link Checker

Found Rapidshare or Hotfile links to the file you’re searching? Before you go through the long and tedious process of copy-pasting the links in a new tab to download your file, check their authenticity. You never know which link might turn out to be dead or invalid. Ofcourse there are...

I’ve quit Foursquare and here’s why

Foursquare as most of you might already know is a geo location-based social networking website where users ‘check-in’ at venues using text messaging, mobile web or mobile apps and has been tagged as the next best thing on Social Media after Twitter and I have no doubts that it probably...

Senduit – the Easiest Ever File Upload Service

Senduit has to be the simplest, cleanest use-and-throw file uploading service out there. Period. If your goal is to just upload a file and share it with someone within the span of a week, then Senduit is the best option. Designed by Davidville (they guys who designed Tumblr), this is...

Google Introduces Orkut Chrome Extension

For those of you who still use Orkut – Google has released an extension for their browser – Google Chrome – that lets you keep in touch on Orkut right from your browser. Install the Orkut Extension for Google Chrome Orkut may not be the most popular social networking site,...
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