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Find out Other Websites Hosted on your Shared Server

If you’re running a website on a shared server, you’ll probably be interested in knowing what other websites are hosted on the same server as yours. Websites running on the same server will have IP address as your website, so using this information, you can tell if another website is...

Google to Launch Smartphone and Telecom Service

Google seems to be gearing up towards a huge attack on the mobile and telecom industry, by planning to bring in a new Googlephone smartphone, a touchscreen device that will run a new version of Android, codenamed “Flan”. The phone is said to feature a blazing fast Qualcomm processor that...

Mininova removes all copyrighted torrents

In a drastic move following a Dutch court ruling, torrent giant Mininova deleted all torrents in it’s database that link to copyrighted content. Prior to this, Mininova had attempted to put in place a content-filtering system which automatically found and deleted copyrighted content. However, the filter did not work too well,...

15 Free Online Game Sites

Want to keep playing those addictive online flash games? Run out of games on Miniclip? Here are 15 more sites to keep you busy. Yozdoo Yozdoo is a frequently updated site that hosts games of a variety of genres – shooting, arcade, puzzle, you name it. Reasonably neat layout, unobtrusive...

Wikipedia edits now need approval!

At least edits made to pages about living persons do. By a new Wikipedia policy, called “flagged revisions”, all edits made about living people will need to be approved (flagged) by an editor or authorised volunteer before they go public. Though this move has evoked a lot of criticism, it...
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The Firefox Chronicles

Firefox! Everyone knows what it is, most people who know about it use it. It is threatening the monopoly held by Internet Explorer for many years and is now the second most widely used web browser in the world today and is gaining popularity exponentially. Background Technically, Firefox is a...
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