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Wikipedia edits now need approval!

At least edits made to pages about living persons do. By a new Wikipedia policy, called “flagged revisions”, all edits made about living people will need to be approved (flagged) by an editor or authorised volunteer before they go public. Though this move has evoked a lot of criticism, it...
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The Firefox Chronicles

Firefox! Everyone knows what it is, most people who know about it use it. It is threatening the monopoly held by Internet Explorer for many years and is now the second most widely used web browser in the world today and is gaining popularity exponentially. Background Technically, Firefox is a...

Create Multiple Profiles For Firefox In Windows

As everyone knows, Firefox’s greatest strengths lies in its whole range of customizations that it offers to its users. Firefox has been the default browser option for many(that includes me too!). So wouldn’t you be interested in knowing some more hidden customizations that  Firefox has to offer? Firefox offers you...
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How To Change Your Facebook Username

Last month, Facebook allowed all it’s users to create what they called vanity urls (mine is which you could easily share with your friends and on other social networks. While Facebook recommended that users choose their usernames carefully as they cannot be changed in the future, they seem to...

FixWin fixes 50 common Vista/7 problems

Fifty problems, one solution – FixWin. Fixwin is a nifty utility for Windows 7 and Windows Vista that can fix 50 different common problems with the click of a button. Download FixWin Go to the FixWin page and click the download link. They provide a .rar file, so you require...
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