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KDE rebranding – KDE Software Collection

After being known as a desktop environment for thirteen years, KDE has grown into something much bigger. It now has a desktop shell with a widget engine, a whole number of applications, a cross platform toolkit, an many other things.

Hey! KDE 4.4

Thus, an announcement was made by the KDE team regarding their “Repositioning of the KDE brand”.

Here is what has been decided:

  • We will use simply “KDE” and retire the expansion “K Desktop Environment”
  • We will use “KDE” exclusively in two meanings:
    • KDE, the community, which creates free software for end users
    • As an umbrella brand for the technology created by the KDE community
  • We will use distinct brands for the software that was previously referred to generically as “KDE”:
    • The KDE Workspaces will be separately referred to as “KDE Plasma Desktop” and “KDE Plasma Netbook”
    • The KDE technologies used for building applications will be referred to as the “KDE Platform”
    • The KDE Applications will stay as they are: “the KDE Applications”
    • The product we currently have released as “KDE 4.3″ is essentially a compilation of our software (Workspaces, Applications and Platform), and thus the next release will be named “KDE Software Compilation 4.4″

So now we don’t say “Hey! KDE 4.4 is out!”. Instead, we’ve got to say “Hey! KDE Software Compilation 4.4 is out!”