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Kick-Ass Features That Your Next Gaming Chair Must Have

You’ve spent a ton of money on specialized gaming gear. You have a gaming mouse, a gaming keyboard, even a gaming mouse pad, but are you still sitting in a cruddy old office chair?

Our console gaming brother and sisters have had the privilege of lounging on couches and recliners for decades, but PC gamers have had to make do with boring old office chairs for too long now.

The age of the dedicated gaming chair is here, but what are the kick-ass, must-have features you should look for? These are the five most important considerations.

1.Adjustable Lower Back Support

Everyone is different physically, but lower back pain is equally problematic no matter who you are. So it’s essential that you pick a chair that has adjustable lower back support or at least specific lower back support features.

This usually comes in the form of a removable cushion, but different makers have different solutions. Without exception, the best gaming chairs all offer top-notch lower back support and you can find more example of top notch gaming chairs easily.

2.High Weight Capacity

It’s amazing how many gaming chair makers fail to mention how much weight the chair is designed to hold. Better quality chairs with metal support structures tend to also have higher weight ratings. Try to pick a chair that features a high weight limit such as 120kg or even 150kg. Obviously if your real weight is in this range you need to anyway, but even if you’re much lighter it’s a good indicator of the overall quality of the chair. The more over-specified the weight capacity is the more years of service you’ll get from the investment.

3.Advanced Adjustments

Standard office chair usually swivel and tilt backwards or forwards. Some gaming chairs do little more than this, but the best let you finely tune your sitting position. They can be locked at a particular angle, change the angle between the seat and back or lift your legs up.

A movable seat pan is a great feature to have and some chairs even let you tweak the level of tension in the tilt if you choose not to lock it in place. Of course, while it’s often overlooked, armrests that are adjustable and even removable are also pretty important for finding the right setup.

4.Advanced Materials

The science of materials and textiles have come a long way and higher-end gaming chairs make full use of these advancements. Since we can get a little worked up when racing a sports car or chopping up orcs in a game, it’s a good idea to look for a chair that has modern, ventilate materials that won’t leave you with damp pants on a hot day the way that leather does.

5. Rocking Sound and Vibration

Not all gaming chairs are content to just be passive things that you sit on. Many come with active, powered features. One of the most kick-ass powered features has to be the inclusion of a sub-woofer and/or rumble pack. This can really improve the gaming experience and immerse like few other features on any peripheral.

Are You Sitting Down for This?

Gaming chairs can command a hefty price, but once you’ve put your tush in a good one, there’s no going back. It’s the only way to play for the most serious of serious gamers.

Of course, not all of us game at a desk, so if you aren’t bound to a sport for your gaming fix, there’s always the allure of a kick-ass gaming laptop too!