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Leave An iPhone 7 Skin Under The Tree

With the countdown to Christmas ticking merrily away, you only have so much time left before you can check everyone off your list this holiday. Finding the perfect gift for that special someone can be a challenge, especially when you feel the pressure of the clock. But your loved one doesn’t make it any easier. They evade every question you ask about their wants and needs, leaving you to guess what would make them happy on the big day. It could be worse— they could flat out tell you they already have everything they want, making it difficult to find something they haven’t already bought for themselves months ago.

If you find yourself struggling this year, give yourself a break. Stop looking for that brand new device to surprise them with, and look for something to complement the belongings they already have. Since they’re never separated from their iPhone 7, think about getting them an accessory to go with it! You can get them a set of custom fit iPhone 7 skins to help personalize and protect their phone, officially winning the title of best gift giver this year.

Why? Because iPhone 7 skins are surprisingly useful. They’re made out of a vinyl that envelopes the device in a thin yet protective covering, acting in similar ways to a plastic case but without any of its bulky disadvantages. Measuring in the micro-millimeters, its addition won’t interfere with the iPhone’s signature Apple minimalism. It works to complement its design and accommodate each of its features, like the lip around the 12-megapixel camera lens. That means the 7 will still be a slim and easy to handle phone in their handsbut with one major improvement: it will be safe from scratches, spills, and grime build-up.

That’s not all they do. The skins iPhone 7 owners love comes in a variety of colors and finishes making them a practical and fun present to open on Christmas Day. You can choose from a huge selection of true colors, natural textures, and space-age looks, combining finishes to make a personalized creation perfect for their sense of style. You can also get them a monochromatic skin of every color and give them the option to choose for themselves.

Many of the top iPhone 7 skins are found online, so you can even avoid Christmas crowds in the mall. You can easily click a few buttons, snag the colors you want, and get them shipped to your door before the big day, making it the simplest way to buy for your loved one. Give yourself a break this holiday. Go online and get a skin and rest assured you found a great gift this year —with time to spare!