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Move Data between iPhones with Mover

Apart from the recently talked about Bump, there is no way for users to easily transfer data directly between iPhones.

This is something seriously lacking in a so-called “Smartphone”, but it looks like this is going to be remedied very quickly.

Mover Moves Data Between iPhones Easily

Just slide your photos, videos or contacts onto the “table” in the Mover app. Slide it off the edge of the screen to share it with a nearby iPhone over Bluetooth or Wifi.

What’s more, the person behind it has written SwapKit, an API any app can use to share data just like Mover.

Looks like our dependence on the cloud just got a whole lot less.

Download, Pricing

You can download the lite version of Mover, or shell out $1.99 for the full version on the Appstore.