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New Trends in the Online Shopping Sector

New Trends in the Online Shopping Sector

When you talk about e-commerce stores or e-shopping you would invariably talk about Flipkart is one of the leading and probably the most popular online retail stores in India. The store has a huge collection of men and women fashion clothing, electronic goods, books, home and kitchen appliance and baby care products. Unlike several other online stores in India, flipkart comes as one stop shopping destination for all your fashion clothing needs.

The e-commerce stores in India over the past few years have been growing by leaps and bounds. With various creative and rigorous marketing campaigns these online stores have been able to capture a huge customer base. As more and more Indian consumers are opening up to the concept on online shopping, these stores are experiencing growth in their sales revenue consistently. In fact, research suggest that Flipkart saw about 80% increase in the e-commerce business in India. With the emergence of the new stores, the major players in the industry are feeling the heat and the competition has become cut throat. In such circumstances, these stores are leaving no stone unturned to come up with new marketing strategies and offering services to lure new customers as well as retain the old ones.

In the recent times, several new trends cropped up in the e-commerce industry. The trend played a major role in bossing the popularity of the e-commerce stores like flipkart, myntra, zovi amongst several others. Some of the defining trends that helped the online retail biggies widen their business prospects are discussed below

Advent of mobile shopping

The concept of responsive websites and introduction of new applications gave birth to mobile shopping. As more and more people started using smartphones, it was easier for them to get hooked to mobile shopping. The easy of shopping with just a click of a button on the move was gleefully accepted and the retailers grabbed the opportunity to engage with their customers with mobile applications and mobile websites.

Coupon codes

This is one of the biggest reason for the growing popularity of the online retailers these days. It is almost impossible to find an online retailer not offering discount coupons to their customers. The discount factor greatly appeals to the customers and big brands like Flipkart have captured a huge number of customers by offering flipkart coupon codes that allowed the customers to get handsome discount on their purchase at the site. The store continues to offer various discount coupons to lure new customers.

Same day shipping

One of the biggest drawbacks of shopping online as the critics point out is the amount of time it takes for the products to reach the customers. To counter this hassle, most of the bigwigs in the e-commerce stores introduced the same day shipping policy. This service came as a huge relief for the customers as they were assured of getting the product delivered on the same day.

Shopping festivals

If coupon codes and other discount offers were not enough, the online stores came up with the shopping festival offers. Shopping festivals like the GOSF, the EPIC sale drew customers in huge numbers. During the festival the retailers offer attractive discounts on all products.