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Not Dead Yet! Three Ways That Traditional Marketing Can Still Help Your Business

These days you constantly hear people talking about how “traditional marketing is dead!” Driven into the ground by social media, blogging and digital content. That modern generations don’t respond to it anymore and bothering to use it is nothing more than a waste of time, money and resources. While it is true that digital marketing has caused some enormous changes to the way that businesses think about advertising, that certainly doesn’t mean that traditional marketing is dead. In fact, traditional marketing couldn’t be more alive. All that’s happened is that businesses now have multiple channels through which to provide their business with exposure. Far for killing traditional marketing, the digital revolution has complemented it! And if you decide that you simply don’t need to use more traditional techniques then you’re just missing out on some incredible effective strategies. With that in mind, here are three ways in which traditional marketing can still help your business to succeed.


Direct mail marketing

One of the most common pieces of traditional marketing that even a small business can use it that of flyers and leaflets. This is particularly effective if you’re looking at marketing to a slightly older demographic. Many older people are far less interested in technology and find online marketing off-putting. But by providing customers with something physical to read then they’re going to get a far stronger idea of what your company provides. You’ve just got make sure that the flyers are well designed. Think about hiring a professional designer to create them so that customers don’t simply throw it away, assuming it’s yet more spam rather than something they might actually find useful.

TV advertising

Despite the rise of on-demand and streaming services, millions of people still sit down every day to watch traditional TV. This means that if you’re not taking advantage of this, you’re potentially missing out on a huge section of the population. It does have to be said however that the way adverts tend to function has shifted slightly. It’s no longer good enough to show the product and explain what it does. Each advert should be its own short piece of entertainment. Think of the best TV ad campaigns of the last few decades; they’re all ones that told entertaining or emotional stories. That way, customers were able to latch onto them emotionally which created a positive association with the product. Use someone like Captiv8 TV commercial company to help you create the most engaging and entertaining ad possible.

Print advertising

Contrary to popular belief, print is not dead… yet. It’s definitely true that print has been on the wane for a while and will probably die out before the end of the century. But that doesn’t mean it’s not still an extremely viable option for marketing your business. Hundreds of thousands of people still read the newspaper every day and, because of the decline in interest, most papers have lowered the cost of advertising space significantly. Making print advertising not only a useful marketing method, but one of the cheapest available as well.