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Replace the Boring Voice on your Garmin GPS with your Own

If you’ve got a Garmin GPS device, you might be fed up with the voice that gives you turn by turn directions.

Fortunately, Garmin’s Voice Studio application for Windows can change that.

Garmin Voice Studio Liberates your GPS’s Voice

With Garmin’s new Voice Studio app, you can replace the boring voice recordings on your GPS with your own.
This could be useful if you’re fed up of the British lady who delivers turn-by-turn directions by default. (After all, if you use your GPS very often, you might get so annoyed with the voice that you crash the car :P )

Even if you’re not fed up with the voice on your GPS device, this tool from Garmin offers a whole lot of possibilities. Replace the default voice with the voice of your loved ones, your cat, or random clippings from the radio! The possibilities are endless…

Download and usage

Just grab the application from here and install it on your Windows box.

You just have to choose a phrase from the list and click record for the application to start recording your voice (or your cat’s).


Once you’re done recording phrases, the app can transfer them right on to your Garmin GPS device. Note that there are quite a few phrases there, at least a few dozen, so it might take you a while to record them all.


Once it’s on your GPS, your personal voice will appear in the languages menu for you to select.


Compatible devices

This app is compatible with only some GPS models, however. (listed below):

  • aera™ series
  • GPSMAP® 620 & 640
  • nüvi® 200-series
  • nüvi 205-series
  • nüvi 500-series
  • nüvi 700-series
  • nüvi 705-series
  • nüvi 800-series
  • nüvi 1200-series
  • nüvi 1300-series
  • nüvi 1400-series
  • nüvi 1600-series
  • nüvi 5000
  • zūmo® 660

The only thing I can say is – be careful. You don’t want to record something so hilarious that you burst out laughing on the highway!