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Resize Your Windows With AutoSizer

AutoSizer is a free lightweight software that automatically resizes your program windows according to your specifications. It resizes the windows to open as maximized or a given specific size. AutoSizer provides you with various options with which you can select how a specific application window should open.

Features Of AutoSizer:

  1. It automatically resizes application windows for you.
  2. Autosizer supports most softwares and applications.
  3. You can choose a specific size for an application or software window.
  4. Allows you to choose between maximize, minimize, restore and resize(custom size).
  5. It does not require any installation.
  6. It is free, fast and easy to use.

How do I use AutoSizer to resize windows?

  1. Open the application that you want to run on AutoSizer.
  2. Now open AutoSizer. It will show all the open windows.
  3. Just click any one of the window name and press ‘AutoSize’.
  4. Choose one of the options under ‘Action To Perform’(as shown below) and click ‘OK’.

AutoSizer is a very useful tool as it helps you resize your windows the way you want it to and is helpful to all Windows users. It gives you customization options that allow you to specify how a window must size itself when it opens(induvidually).  Check out AutoSizer.