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Roblox is the most played game on the App Store

In the past decade, the App Store has revolutionised the gaming and content creating world. The store has opened up unprecedented access to apps across a multitude of platforms, and has brought a wealth of diversity of games, entertainment, and functionality apps to the devices of many people. Of course, some apps prove more popular than others. Social media platforms, and messenger apps frequently top the list of the most downloaded apps each year. However, one app that has flown relatively under the radar of tech blogs is Roblox. Adults and children alike have been drawn to Roblox, a creative gaming platform that allows users to create their own games as well as play them. You can also play games that other people have created on the multiplayer app, making it unique amongst other similar game creating apps. Recently, Roblox announced that they boast a huge 100 million active players each month. But why is it so popular? 

Roblox has actually been around since 2006, so it’s not exactly new to the App Store, but it has been steadily growing since it’s release, and now has a huge following. It’s popular amongst a huge range of ages, with children even as young as 7 known to be regularly playing Roblox. A key element to succeeding in the game is having Robux – the virtual currency within Roblox. While this can be tricky, and somewhat time consuming to get a hold of, providers offer easy and free ways to increase your Robux balance. 

Roblox has garnered a lot of interest from parents recently, who were unsure about why it has become so popular amongst children. While some concerns were raised surrounding the safety of the online multiplayer platform, the game has been generally very well regarded and even encouraged by parents globally. Myths about the safety of Roblox have since been dispelled, and to add even further to this game’s accolocades, gamers and parents alike have started to sing Roblox’s praises. There are a wide variety of benefits to allowing and encouraging a child to play Roblox, from encouraging creativity, to learning tech and content building skills from an early age. If you still need convincing, we’ve listed a few of the benefits below. 

Firstly, Roblox complies with COPPA which stands for the Children’s Online Privacy Protect Act, so there is no need to worry about your children being online. It is specifically designed to protect children under the age of 13, so Roblox is suitable even for the youngest of children who are interested in playing the games available and creating their own. Complying with COPPA means that any chats from players under 13 are moderated closely, and messages are even filtered to avoid children giving out any sensitive or personal information. Of course, it’s encouraged that parents also check up on this to ensure their child is not disclosing information they would not like to share, but Roblox does everything in it’s power to ensure it’s younger players are kept safe while online. If you are still feeling uneasy about the chat feature available in Roblox, you can simply turn this feature off.

Secondly, the games available via Roblox are interesting and diverse. Roblox uses a three dimensional format, meaning that all the games are interesting to explore and play. On top of this, the sheer breadth of games that are available on Roblox means a player is unlikely to get bored easily. There’s so much content on there, and fresh games being created each day, that Roblox is a constantly updated and refreshed source of gaming fun. 

Speaking of fun, surely one of the most fundamental benefits of playing Roblox is having fun. There are so many games on Roblox that it would be near impossible for any gamer not to enjoy their time on the platform. Roblox offers the opportunity not only to craft and play games, but also to gather virtual resources and create items within the games. It is completely free to create an account of Roblox, however, some gamers might choose to upgrade their play experience by accumulating Robux. A player can accumulate Robux throughout the game (albeit it fairly slowly) or they can opt to pay in real currency. Other players might consider using to boost their balance. 

Additionally, Roblox is the ideal game for any budding coder or developer. This is one of the only gaming platforms that actively encourages players to create their own games in the Roblox Studio. It allows players to make use of 3D graphics technology and Object Oriented Programming to build their own worlds. This can boost creativity, in children and adults alike, and offer a contemporary creative outlet, and enhance technological skills.

The potential build up of these additional skills is what cements Roblox as an educational game. Rather than some of the other gaming platforms, that also attract a high number of young users, Roblox aids skills such as logistical thinking and problem solving. As the user is learning primarily through play, this more relaxed educational setting means children are still enjoying gaming, while sharpening their cognitive skills. 

Finally, the creators at Roblox intended the gaming platform to bring together gamers of all ages, genders and backgrounds through play. With a whole host of Roblox gamers, not only logging on each month and actively using the platform, but also screen-recording and sharing their gaming experience on sites such as Youtube, gamers are becoming connected with people they otherwise would have probably never had the opportunity to meet. This global gathering of people with similar interests is firstly a lovely community to be a part of, but secondly, is a rare educational opportunity to learn and create with people of a huge range of backgrounds. While this is a virtual play experience, Roblox truly does connect like-minded gamers through play.