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Senduit – the Easiest Ever File Upload Service

Senduit has to be the simplest, cleanest use-and-throw file uploading service out there. Period.

If your goal is to just upload a file and share it with someone within the span of a week, then Senduit is the best option.
Designed by Davidville (they guys who designed Tumblr), this is arguably the most simple sharing service, hands down.


Features of Senduit

  • Incredibly simple two-step process
  • No registration required
  • Sharing URLs are in the form “” (the last six letters being unique to each file)
  • 100 MB limit
  • Customise file expiry time – from 30 minutes to 1 week
  • Files are deleted after expiry, not stored on servers (like Google does with our email!)

Do you know of any other file upload service that beats Senduit’s simplicity? We think that’s kind of hard. But if you do come across such a thing, let us know in the comments below!