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Notepad GNU – Light & Powerful Text Editor

On Windows, we have Notepad – and many of us have often wondered why they couldn’t ship something that had more features than notepad does. There are a number of alternatives to Notepad out there, and a lot of them are too rich with features. But not Notepad GNU. Notepad...

Baobab – a Filesystem Space Analyser

So you’ve got this spanking new 500GB hard drive, and you excitedly start filling it up with things. But, after a week, it’s almost full! But you don’t understand what is taking up all that space. If you’re a bit of a Linux geek, you would have heard of the...

TweakMe – an Easy, Comprehensive Windows-Tweaker

If you want to tweak every last thing on your Windows installation without touching the registry, you can use a number of tweaking tools. TweakMe is an easy-to-use, comprehensive and simple tool to tweak a wide variety of things without having to touch the registry yourself. TweakMe features TweakMe has...

KDE rebranding – KDE Software Collection

After being known as a desktop environment for thirteen years, KDE has grown into something much bigger. It now has a desktop shell with a widget engine, a whole number of applications, a cross platform toolkit, an many other things. Thus, an announcement was made by the KDE team regarding...
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