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The Firefox Chronicles

Firefox! Everyone knows what it is, most people who know about it use it. It is threatening the monopoly held by Internet Explorer for many years and is now the second most widely used web browser in the world today and is gaining popularity exponentially. Background Technically, Firefox is a...

Create Multiple Profiles For Firefox In Windows

As everyone knows, Firefox’s greatest strengths lies in its whole range of customizations that it offers to its users. Firefox has been the default browser option for many(that includes me too!). So wouldn’t you be interested in knowing some more hidden customizations that  Firefox has to offer? Firefox offers you...

FixWin fixes 50 common Vista/7 problems

Fifty problems, one solution – FixWin. Fixwin is a nifty utility for Windows 7 and Windows Vista that can fix 50 different common problems with the click of a button. Download FixWin Go to the FixWin page and click the download link. They provide a .rar file, so you require...

Monitor Computer Performance With Freemeter

FreeMeter is a free lightweight software that allows you to monitor your computer’s performance. Unlike other tools FreeMeter does not occupy a lot of space nor does it affect the performance of your computer while doing it’s job. It not only helps you monitor overall system performance but also the...
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How To Force Stop ‘Not Responding’ Programs

Unresponsive programs in Windows quoting the dreadful message ‘(Not Responding)‘ are a common sight if you are a Windows user. These programs simply don’t listen to your commands and even refuse to close. They irritatingly waste your time and stay on the screen until they close which normally takes a...
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Resize Your Windows With AutoSizer

AutoSizer is a free lightweight software that automatically resizes your program windows according to your specifications. It resizes the windows to open as maximized or a given specific size. AutoSizer provides you with various options with which you can select how a specific application window should open. Features Of AutoSizer:...
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