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Tech Tips For Long Trips

With a long trip ahead of you, you’re most likely filling your thoughts of what you’re going to do whilst you’re there, and the question of what you’re going to bring with you has driven you to insanity. Whether it’s a short holiday or a long journey, packing is always stressful. The worry of whether or not you’ve brought everything you need is one that’s hard to put to rest in your head, at least until you’re well into your trip and you know you’ve packed everything.

Of course, if you do forget things and realise halfway through your trip, you’re a bit lost. Still, I’m not trying to worry you further. In fact, take a deep breath and count to 10. Now, technology is one of the most important things to people in the modern age. We struggle to be without it, but there are lots of great gadgets out there for explorers and travellers. If you’re anxious about what to bring on your long trip, here are some great tips as to the tech you should bring and how you should be using it.

Take pictures.

This is probably the most obvious answer, but that’s because a camera is the most important piece of technology anyone can take on a holiday or an expedition into the great unknown. This is possibly the oldest technology that tourists and explorers alike have taken with them when visiting new lands, whether explored or unexplored by man, and wanting to capture the things they saw.

Of course, the world has changed, and the technology we use has changed with it: for the better. Even if you don’t have a fancy, expensive camera, phones currently have better quality and higher resolution cameras than ever before. If there’s one piece of advice I can give, it’d be to make the most of this advancement and, instead of taking endless selfies, capture some pictures of the beautiful sights you see on your trip – both natural and manmade.

Take a tech break.

If you’ve been on the road for hours or you need to get a connecting flight somewhere, it’s okay to let the adrenaline wear off for a little while and slip off into your comfort zone. I know I’m trying to suggest that you enjoy the world and gain some real experiences, using technology only as an aide on this adventure, but there’s no reason that your devices can’t also help you by giving you a warm, comforting, digital blanket under which you can curl up and relax. You could read the full step-by-step guide here for accessing films and other entertainment on your phone from anywhere. When the world is at your fingertips wherever you are, then it’s okay to give yourself some time off from being a travelling extraordinaire in the evening or on a long connecting flight and just kick back. Let yourself relax.

Look after your tech.

The most important tip to remember when taking technology on your travels is to protect it at all times. You shouldn’t be bringing an excessive amount of devices with you anyway, especially considering that most devices in the modern age are multi-purpose. What you do bring, however, should be kept under lock and key. If you go swimming, for example, you should either leave your tech in a secure location or ensure it’s in a waterproof case.