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The Amazing Ways Technology is Evolving in Different Advertising Media

You could be forgiven for thinking that marketing today is all about the internet. But in fact, the best marketing uses a range of different technologies to make the most of different audiences. Some people might think that as the internet continues to grow, other technologies used for marketing have become stagnant. But the technology for print media and even radio is still moving, making them more modern and innovative than ever before. Printing now uses a range of exciting techniques, from clever inks to 3D printing. And TV and radio are taking advantage in the rise of people on the internet and using social media. Keep reading to find out how technology in different advertising media is helping businesses market themselves across the board.

Print Media

Of all the different media used for advertising, print is the medium that people often think is no longer relevant. But in reality, these people couldn’t be more wrong. Print advertising is still hugely important to many businesses. Although it may not be as cheap as online advertising, print media can be a great way to access potential customers more directly. You’ve already heard a lot about 3D printing, and there are already plans you can buy online to print items at home. There will definitely be more of this in the future, and marketing companies are sure to use it to great effect. But aside from 3D printing, the print industry is doing lots of other clever things. Companies can create embossed print, use special inks with glitter or that glow in the dark. Or they can simply print incredibly high-quality images. Plus, many print ads now incorporate the use of social media by including a call to action social media icon or link.

Radio and TV

People still see radio and TV as having more power, but they often seem inaccessible to smaller businesses. It’s the job of media buyers to purchase airtime on TV and radio, as well as buying space in magazines and the like. What is media buying? It’s the process of finding and obtaining the best advertising space for a company. Appearing on primetime TV or radio is usually reserved for big business because it comes at great expense. But new technology allows people to use the internet to advertise on internet radio and use video commercials online. Like print media, radio and TV are also incorporating social media into advertisements.


The Internet

People now see the internet as the best place to advertise for many businesses. For one thing, there are many ways to advertise online for little or no money. Social media can be a great help to businesses trying to advertise on a budget. The internet has allowed small businesses to have more control over their marketing. No longer is printing their own marketing material the only way to produce adverts. The internet opens up many channels through which to market a business, including via radio and video. Although it isn’t necessarily the only medium a business needs, many businesses get by without any other methods.