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The Art Of Blogging And What You Need To Get Started


The world of blogging has become a market all in itself now. It used to be that blogging was used in conjunction with a business, or a way to help you improve your business. Now, the power of the blog has well and truly been harnessed, and it is a great way to market products, bring people together, voice your opinion, the opportunities are endless. But if you are stuck where to begin, here is some advice on getting yourself blogged up.

The Beginning Stages

What sort of platform do you want your blog to go on? A lot of bloggers go for WordPress, and it is easy to see why over 82 million bloggers use it. There are many choices of themes and layouts as well as support from WordPress advisors. While you may think that as 82 million bloggers use WordPress, that you should go elsewhere, and that number is slightly intimidating. But as 48% of all the online blogs are on WordPress, you are in good company.

What Are The Prices For Setting Up A Blog?

This question depends if you want to self-host or use a free option. A free option is, of course, free, but you won’t be able to have your own URL, and your blog domain name could be something as random as “myblog6743r89u4//r83r,” which isn’t very catchy. There are options for cheap web hosting, so it doesn’t have to be expensive, and you can pick a domain name more suited to your blog and personality.

What Should It Look Like?

The sky is the limit, and it is your blog, so you can do whatever you want with it. But as far as a design ethos is concerned, picking schemes that suit your blog content will be better and easier on the eye. Having pink fluffy sheep on a business blog doesn’t convey the right message! But if you feel that your blog isn’t catching on the way you thought it would, then there is no harm in redesigning the layout to make it convey themes and styles that suit your personality or business identity. Your goal is to reflect who you are in these blogs.

How Can It Be Improved And Developed Over Time?

The instant gratification and “swipe right” mentality of web users now means that we get very easily bored. The blog is a long piece of text communicating thoughts, ideas, feelings, etc. So, when it comes to developing your blog, it will improve the more you continue to develop your voice. It sounds too simple, but by creating content that is compelling and shareable will get you higher rates of traffic, and the only way to do that is to keep at it. If you are building a business and your blog is the mouthpiece of the company, keep people updated, or start to develop a style of writing that is engaging and will keep people coming back. The blog has become an art all in itself, so if you continue to develop that art, you will gain a sizeable following.