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The Best Software for Malware Removal

Its designation being a reference to its maliciousness (malicious intent), “malware” is essentially software that’s been designed for nefarious purposes, either to disrupt someone’s computer system or glean some type of information from it.  Part of the problem with malware of course is that it often remains largely invisible and/or infiltrates a machine by tagging onto seemingly innocuous programs.  Quite obviously it’s always a good idea to get rid of any and all malware as soon as possible or even better, try to prevent it from actually getting onto your system in the first place.  Assuming that you have already collected some of these despicable programs, don’t worry, there are programs out there which can help you to remove it.  Here are some of the best tools for the job…

Malicious Software Removal Tool (Microsoft)

If you’re a Windows user why not go straight to the source for your malware removal?  Microsoft offers a very handy tool (for use on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP*, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2003) that can rid your PC of most of the egregious offenders out there.

Malwarebytes – Anti-Malware

The anti-Malware software offered by Malwarebytes is designed to act as a barrier against the accumulation of harmful digital bits.  It utilizes layered security in order to facilitate this.  All in all it is very useful for picking up the slack where traditional anti-virus programs fail.  It should also be noted that this applies to real-time actions such as opening an email link or even data added during instant message systems.

Spybot Search & Destroy

Spybot’s Search & Destroy malware elimination program has been at the top of security expert’s lists for quite some time now.  As a freeware tool it has been downloaded millions upon millions of times and has no doubt brought great peace of mind to loads of people.  Moreover, S&D taps into a very exciting array of additional features which allow users to take care of multiple tasks and problems.  Furthermore, it’s completely compatible with every Window’s OS you can imagine too.


ComboFix does one thing, but does it so well that using anything else seems crazy by comparison.   Basically, it is a complete registry tool / solution which provides backup as well as detailed reports regarding your PC’s various infections.  Sure, it doesn’t look particularly impressive, but it can certainly get the job done.   For the person who isn’t afraid to delve into their system files, ComboFix can be a real life saver.


Lastly, we have HijackThis, which isn’t at all like any of the other offerings featured here.  For starters, it isn’t an automatic solution, but rather something which must be utilized in tandem with your own personal knowledge of your OS, programs, etc.   Of course, if you actually learn to use it correctly then no malware / spyware / virus will be safe from your grasp, just don’t start deleting stuff if you’re a little bit fuzzy on exactly what you’re doing.