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The evolution of Periscope: A refined user experience

One of the most impressive technological innovations in  recent times has to be Periscope! If you are unaware of it; you are missing out big time! Over a year ago, transpiring as a new venture and afterwards being acquired by Twitter with an approximate figure of $100 million, Periscope is an app that enables you to broadcast content with live video streaming.Because of its compatibility with both iOS and Android, Periscope has exponential implications in the market world and is evolving with a brisk pace. It is capable of touching millions of lives and has a major impact from television streaming to news broadcasting.

As this progression is growing rapidly, a question arises of how is it exhibiting in eyes of users? According to Tech Crunch, they are stepping ahead of launching a new iOS application for the upcoming generation Apple TV which is under development. This will increase the sizable user base of Periscope, pushing more traffic to it. On the other hand it will raise the technology profile of Apple’s popularity giving a strike to the marketing efforts.

Nowadays, Twitter is also busy enhancing and upgrading its application to provide comfort to its users who were complaining that they are forced to tilt their heads to watch videos that are recorded sideways. To provide enough comfort to viewers, developers have integrated landscape capture mode so that the video makers can film in wide screen.

The development work has been progressive and well-planned. Periscope provided portrait mode broadcasting when it was launched. In the foreseeable future we are expecting the trend to continue achieving aimed results; enabling the landscape mode will provide more pleasant watching experience.

A variety of applications of Periscope will be refined by enhancing these changes specifically from an online gaming perspective. The landscape has changed and those who like play bingo games for great jackpots can join groups via the app. Raising its user base beyond 10 million marks, Periscope has become a major development in covering a wider demographic, and rival products are hitting the