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The Marketing Strategies You Need To Consider Throughout Your Business Journey

As entrepreneurs, it is so easy to become passionate about what you are doing. Afterall you just have that drive and motivation to do something you love and enjoy. Whatever your business may be, it will have started out as an idea and formed into your business today. Whatever stage you are at marketing is vitally important for business success. Whether at the beginning of your journey right through to when you need to revamp the business or work on new areas. Marketing is where you can make the biggest difference.



But, you can become blind to this. For many business owners, they can focus solely on their product and the end result. Not spending much time on how they obtain that. Sure you want to grow your business but do you consider how long it takes to do that? Or what tools you need to master to get there? Decent marketing strategies that you believe in is one way you can do that. Focusing on getting the customer into your business, store or on your website. Which is why I thought it would be a great idea to consider some of the best marketing strategies you could implement into your business today.



Consider your design and business look

Logo and brand

Often your logo and your brand look are what customers see first. Perhaps it’s what draws them in to find out more. Or it could be the thing that puts them off completely. A decent logo and brand are the stepping stones to what your business is all about. It needs to be striking, inviting and professional looking. On the one hand, you could design it yourself. After all, you know what your business is all about. This is where you can consider colour choices or use images that will take your business through. This is something that will need to be extended from business cards and literature. Right through to website design and social media presence. If you decide you want full control over your logo and brand design, then there are many different software options you can use to. However, Adobe is one of the most popular choices. You can obtain Training in Adobe Illustrator, which provides vector images. These are best when it comes to editing, and tweaking the size. Amongst other things, you can do in regards to movement and finish. Adobe allows you to switch between programs. Meaning you can create the image with Illustrator and then amend with Photoshop for a more polished finish. However, you may want to consider hiring someone to do this for you if you don’t feel confident. Whatever you decide to do make sure your logo and brand speak volumes. This is your first impression, so make sure it counts.



Website creation

Along with your logo and design, it is essential to make sure you have an online presence. A great platform to start would be to have your own blog and website for the business. You may even choose to give it an e-commerce facility where consumers can purchase products or services online. A website is the key for taking your brand and logo to consumers you may never get the chance to be in front of. So it’s essential to think of these qualities when creating your overall brand.



The power of social media

Social media is a powerful tool. One of which is your direct line to existing and potential customers. Which is why it is essential to make sure you have an engaged online presence through as many social media platforms as possible. A great way to do this would be to pick some of the main social media platforms and work on maximising each one to the highest potential.


Twitter is a wonderful interactive social media tool. It allows you direct and instant access to potential customers. Keeping updates to 140 characters or less this is a great fast and engaging community your business needs to work on. Twitter offers advertising opportunities for little investment. Giving you the chance to grow your audience. A great way to do this would be to consider Twitter sales and also Twitter giveaways to increase engagement and followers.


Facebook is one of the social medias that is used very often on a more personal level. But businesses are starting to benefit from this. When a status from say your business get’s scared, the person who shared it sends that update to their friends, they then see it. So even though those people may be private on Facebook, and also may never have heard if you, there is still a chance to get your message heard. However, Facebook needs engagement for it to work. So this is where you will update customers and potential new ones in more indepth status updates. Also with the new facility of live video streaming this could open up a whole new territory for you and your business.



Network, network, network

Networking is key to any successful business. This is easily done through friends and friends of friends. While trying not to cross the line of being too spammy or in people’s faces.

Face to face

Networking is great when done in front of people. Talking to either like minded individuals or explaining your business to someone new. This needs to be done in a positive and upbeat manner while not sounding to over-confident. There is a fine line.

Social media

Using social media to network is another great tool. An excellent way to do this is through an online blog from your website and then advertise it through social media. This gives new and existing customers a chance to see what’s going on with you and the business. It make a business more personable. People buy from people afterall.




Be the expert you know you are

You started this business. You know your stuff. So make sure that everyone knows that you are an expert in your field. What you don’t want to do is appear as a know it all. That’s understandable. But expert knowledge is key. It’s key for people to have confidence in your brand. This is where you need to make the most of what you know.

Create inspiration for a customer to get in touch with you

Call to actions are not a new thing. This is where a customer has the inspiration to get in touch. It could be for a particular product or service that has a special offer. It may be to receive a free gift for obtaining a quotation. It might be to express their comments and feedback. You want this interaction. It is important. So creating a call to action is vital for business success. You may choose to do this in the form of a mail shot. You may advertise it through social media. Create something a little different. Maybe unique from competitors or local businesses in the area.




The key is with your employees and other business employees

The biggest voice you have is you and your employees. But not just your own. This is where you can also take advantage of the local area and people who work close by. Let me fill you in on the secret.

Your employees

Your biggest asset first and foremost is the people that work for you. They are within the business day in day out. They know it as well as you do and are your brand ambassadors. So provide an incentive for your employees to use your products and service. Perhaps offering an employee discount. This is where you will get there commitment outside of business hours. While they network with their friends, and friends of their friends. The cycle continues.

Other businesses

It doesn’t just stop with your employees. You can make the most of local businesses. While it won’t work with competitors, it may work for businesses totally different to yours. Offer a discount to employees of a local business. Obviously making the agreement with that business owner before you do. Again this is keeping your product in the local area and allowing other people to network for you.

Make the most of SEO and your website

Search engine optimisation and keywords on your business are important for it to show up in searches. This could be through Google or other platforms. If you are not familiar with this type of marketing strategy outsourcing it to a professional would be recommended.

The power of local charities

You want to be seen as a business within the local community. This is where local charities could help boost your profile. While doing something for a good cause. Sponsoring charities or organising events where you raise money for them will be a great way to boost the profile. A charity will also advertise their relationship with you, so everyone wins.

Finally, don’t ever forget your existing customers. They are your bread and butter. They are your other brand ambassadors. So make sure you keep everyone happy.

I hope these marketing strategies help you in the future for your business.