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The Technologies That Revolutionised The World Of Business

Technological changes have had a huge impact on the way we live our lives. Even fifteen years ago our homes and workplaces looked very different. Imagine your home or office space without high speed internet. Imagine a life without your smartphone or tablet. We can scarcely imagine it, yet it was only a decade ago that internet became commonplace in our homes. Most offices shared a single computer in order to do any digital work.

Of course, that has all changed, and continues to change. Technology is in a perpetual state of reinvention. We are constantly pushing the boundaries and exploring new worlds of possibility. Businesses are often the first to latch on to new technology. They harness it in order to propel themselves forward. They hope to use it to change the way consumers think and act.

Businesses have harnessed technology primarily to improve communications and productivity. Jobs are completed faster than ever and more work can be taken on. However, some new technologies have revolutionised industries entirely. Some new technologies have birthed entire new industry sectors. Technology is endlessly powerful and continues to forge new paths faster than we can keep up. Today we’re taking a look at some of the most revolutionary technologies in business.


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The Internet

Of course, this article would not be complete without the internet. It has altered the face of every business on the planet. It has changed the way we think. It has changed the way we connect with people and the way we do business. It revolutionised customer habits and businesses were forced to adapt. The smartest companies helped propel this change, while others were left playing catch up. Here are some of the biggest aspects that changed.

Marketing – Online marketing has slowly diluted the impact of traditional marketing. The reliance on traditional advertising has diminished significantly. In its place we are seeing the power of targeted online marketing. We are seeing the rise of social media for business and the development of new online techniques. It has created a whole industry of digital marketers that has never existed before.

Cloud technology – Cloud services have changed the way offices operate. It has reduced the need for files and paper and moved everything online. It has given employees instant and easy access to all company documents. It also facilitates the instant transfer of data to outside companies. It has lead to the rise of data and management software such as We are still exploring the benefits of cloud technology and it will continue to develop.

Sales – One of the biggest victims in the rise of the internet is high street shopping. The world of sales has shifted as a huge percentage have moved online. E Commerce is now one of the largest internet sectors.

The internet has also affected the way we network in business. The growth of social media has allowed communication and networking to extend online. Harnessing the power of Twitter and LinkedIn, business connections can be built and grown online. It has also changed the face of customer service. Most customer service queries are now dealt with via emails. We are also noting the introduction of chat services and online service forms. Finally, the PR industry has had to make severe adaptations. As newspapers and magazines slowly lose readers to internet alternatives, PR execs have had to move online. The power of small content sites and blogs has forced this change.

3D Printers

When 3D printers were first unveiled the world praised them. They were predicted to change the way we live and work. To an extent that is true. We certainly haven’t seen the large scale introduction of these printers in our homes just yet. However, they have been a major force in some big industries. The healthcare industry, for example, has made giant leaps thanks to this technology. We are now at the point where 3D printers can produce prosthetic limbs and replacement organs. Small body parts can be mechanically built to work within the human body. It is extraordinary technology that will continue to adapt.


Sci Fi films have always predicted the rise of the robots. They paint a future where robots replace human beings and grow powerful through AI. To an extent, they are not far wrong. Robots are replacing humans in a huge number of industries. The auto manufacturing industry has been revolutionised by robots. Production lines in thousands of businesses are now populated by robots. We are slowly witnessing the introduction of smart robots. These are machines that learn our everyday habits and will react to them. Smart homes and smart cars are just the start of this technological change.

Smartphones and tablets

The sheer speed at which smartphones and tablets have grown is astonishing. The ability to access the internet anywhere at any time has changed the way we do business. It has created entire industry sectors that never existed. The app industry has developed and thrived faster than any other in the last ten years. Not only has it introduced new industries, it has changed existing ones. Businesses are now more mobile. Global communication is now faster, connecting companies across the world instantly. It changing the world of teaching as iPads and other tablets are brought into classrooms. They are excellent teaching aids. It is also changing the way that consumers act. We are consuming content online and on the move. That is having a severe effect on the newspaper industry. One small change in technology has such a strong impact on others around it. While some are forcing the change, others are left desperately trying to adapt to it.


Finally, we must mention computers. They are the machines that started it all. Without the advent of computers, we’d never have the internet or smartphones or robotics. This pivotal new technology changed everything.

We are in a wildly exciting period for technology. Businesses are still exploring the possibilities of the internet. It is a relatively new phenomenon with endless practicalities and opportunities. Who knows where the future will take us and where technology will explore next.