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Things We Hope to See Announced at This Year’s E3 Event (2014)

You know what they say, “good things come to those who wait”, but this isn’t always true, especially in the fluctuating world of the video game industry where gamers are often mercilessly teased with all sorts of promised releases only to ultimately be left hanging. Among all the trade shows and exhibitions, E3 remains the most prominent in many people’s minds and tends to serve as a sort of litmus test for many developers and companies (including the biggies like Sony, Microsoft and others). While there is certainly going to be a generous helping of great games rolled out at E3 2014, the fact remains that it doesn’t look like many of our most desired releases are going to see the light of day (at least according to current, pre-event rumors that is). Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that we can’t hope anyway, does it?

The obvious stuff we want but probably won’t get (including games which are sure to be on nearly everyone’s wish list)

Fallout 4:

If you have to have someone explain to you why nearly every RPG / open world gamer wants to see Fallout 4 be officially referenced (preferably for an 8th generation console) then you need to go back and explore what its predecessor had to offer. Regardless of the fact that a lot of gamers seemed to have completely missed the point of Fallout 3, for many people it represents a particularly lofty high water mark in terms of video game design and execution.

The vibrant world of FO3, replete with all its zaniness and dark humor helped to define 7th gen open world console gaming in many ways. Naturally, with Bethesda now free from their Elder Scrolls obligations and whatnot, there are loads of fans asking the same question – when are we going to get some official news about Fallout 4?! Just applying the various engine, graphical and gameplay improvements which were made between the release of Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls online, the mind boggles at the possibilities inherent in the next Fallout installment. Regardless, it appears that this E3 might now yield any good news in this regard, unfortunately…

Quantum Break

No doubt Xbox One owners are all vying for “Quantum Break” news and demonstrations. This third-person title seeks to blur the line between what is considered to be entertainment and a video game, essentially taking general levels of interaction to entirely new levels (or at least that’s what they’ve hinted at anyway). Gameplay is poised to introduce time control mechanics and cover-based combat within the context of seamlessly blended live-action sequences and more. The bottom line is that every element of the game seems to offer something tantalizing, which only naturally means that people are vying for it. Moreover, since developer Remedy Entertainment has already revealed it last year you’d expect to see some definite action on the E3 front by now.

Half Life 3

Valve is known for making its fans wait for Half Life installments, but the game is wearing thin for most people at this point. There are so many incredibly eager gamers who would probably kill for just a shred of official information with regards to the next Half Life sequel. Whether or not it will be called “Half Life 3” or not is of little significance of course, but nevertheless it would be nice to get some kind of hint…….anything, just a nod or indication that Gordon Freeman’s adventures are resuming from where he left off.

Stuff that’s definitely going to make a splash at E3 2014

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

It’s safe to say at this point that the people behind the Call of Duty franchise are probably kissing themselves with their latest upcoming release. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare promises to give gamers exactly what they’ve been asking for – the same aggressive FPS action found in all their titles only with a futuristic bent. Needless to say, this installment will feature the talents of actor Kevin Spacey and push the graphical envelope even further as the tailored gameplay we’ve all come to know and love is also refined.

Halo 5: Guardians

It’s a bona fide next gen Halo release…..’nuff said. Even if they just roll out a glorified teaser it will still make waves among the Xbox crowd.


Speaking of Bungie creations, “Destiny” is also expected to make a showing at E3 2014, exposing us to the virtues of its FPS + MMO model along with all the various additions which seek to make it one of the most popular sci-fi shooters this side of any virtual space marine brigade.


Lastly, we have “Evolve”, which outwardly seems as though it might actually shake up the multiplayer models we’ve already experienced in titles like “Left 4 Dead”. Awesome graphics and level design aside, it is a 4 on 1 campaign / multiplayer hybrid which hinges on human interaction. Some have even said that it’s one of the best-looking and more well-designed multiplayer-centric titles to emerge in years.