If you want to publish a book, you need to have a book publisher. In today’s world, where everything is centered around the internet, online book publishing is a big business.
Whether you plan to become an internationally renowned author, distribute a few books to friends, or get corporate books printed for distribution to your employees, these three have got you covered.

  1. Lulu

    Lulu is the biggest name in online book publishing.
    Publishing a book is as simple as creating a manuscript and uploading it. Lulu puts your book on it’s online bookstore, and also gives you the option of putting it up on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
    Lulu has a high search engine rank, so Lulu results always appear above others in a Google or Yahoo search.

    Some quick features:

    • Buy an ISBN number for your book, effectively putting it in thousands of bookstores around the world.
    • Create not only books, but CDs (video and music), and photo albums.
      You can design the internal layout of your photo album online after uploading photos to Lulu.
    • Your books can be bought as ebooks
    • You get 80% of the revenue generated by the book
    • Good for large scale publishing, where you want to reach a large number of readers.
    • Lulu even allows you to DRM protect your work
  2. Author House

    AuthorHouse is another large online publishing company.
    They have a number of different packages, to suit different publishing requirements.
    For example, there is a paperback and a hardback package for normal books, as well as a special poetry package which allows you to have vivid artwork within the pages of your book.
    The entire list of features with a comparison between the different packages can be found here.

    A quick list:

    • Your book is given an ISBN number
    • Listings for your book will appear on Amazon and Barnes & Noble
    • Custom full colour cover
    • Professional marketing consultation
    • Your books can also be bought as ebooks

    If you purchase a more expensive package, AuthorHouse gives you a little more, including:

    • Custom colour back cover
    • Assignment of a copyright control number
    • The “See inside book” feature of B&N for your book listing
    • A larger number of complimentary copies of your book
  3. Instant Publisher

    Instant Publisher, unlike the two above, is intended for small scale self-publishing.
    While the bigger online publishers give you ISBN numbers and listings in major bookstores, Instant Publisher just publishes the book and ships it to you.
    You are charged according to the number of pages and the number of copies you order.
    This is a good choice if you just want a few copies of a book to distribute inside your company or your circle of friends, and not if you want to publish and market on a large scale.

    • Better for small scale book publishing
    • Minimum 25 books
    • Allows you to choose type of binding
    • Simple PDF upload to publish
    • No online bookstore
    • Requires software (free – for Mac, Win) to proofread and upload

If you’ve ever used any of these, or you plan to in the future, let us know about it in the comments!

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