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Try These Home Tech Optimisation Ideas

Our homes are completely full of technology these days. There likely isn’t a room which doesn’t have a screen or some element of tech crafted to help make your life easier. However, there are various ways in which you can get the best out of your household technology.

Try Out Smart Home Technology For Savings And Convenience

These days you can wirelessly, using your mobile or tablet, control your home’s energy consumption. You can turn the heat up or down, meaning you can set it so it’s on before you come home. If you’re out and you think you’ve left the heating on then a quick check of the relevant app can put your worries to rest quickly. It can also save you up to £300 a year on heating bills due to the advanced technology. Controlling the heating from your home can just be the start, Hive offers more, such as the ability to switch lighting on and off, and active plugs, which let you directly turn plug sockets on and off using your phone too. You can literally control your home from your phone.

Use The Same Provider

Often people use separate providers for their phone, internet and TV packages. Which is fine, but if you go for the same one you’re likely to get better deals and options and save some money. You can see some great bundles by following this link.  The same can be said of your electricity and gas provider, if you use the same smart metres the technology available will be much better if you use just the one. Try shopping around and finding the best providers which offer the most cutting edge technology for home energy usage.



Enjoy Music? Try Using Multi Room Technology

When you’re playing music it can be quite annoying moving from one room to the other. But with multi room technology you can have speakers in each room which are all connected to a single musical hub. You can play the same music from multiple speakers from all around the house, so when you move from the living room to the kitchen, nothing is interrupted. You can even find ones which play different music from each speaker, suitable for families with differing tastes in music. There’s a vast array of multi room speaker systems available for a range of prices, there’s a great guide here.

Voice Control

Voice controllable products are becoming more and more popular. They’re great because it means controlling your home with a quick ease. The technology is getting progressively better too so soon there will be way fewer mistakes in picking up exactly what you’re saying. Soon you’ll be able to talk to your lights, TV, and music systems, turning them on or off or asking them to play specific shows or music. Amazon’s Echo has shown us the future of voice commands. It acts as a central home hub, and is a great way to optimise your household to give you an easier life. It can connect to lights, thermostats, and music, allowing you to control varying aspects of your home from one location.