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Turn Off the Lights – Dim Webpages And Highlight Videos in Chrome

Videoholics are dime a dozen these days. Who doesn’t watch Youtube like they used to watch TV?
The only thing is, there are hundreds of distractions on the webpage serving the videos.

Imagine if you were watching a movie and there were boxes on the sides that showed you related movies and information about the actors.
Sure, it would be interesting, but it is distracting!

Turn Off The Lights solves the problem.

Chrome Extension to Dim Everything But the Video

Turn Off The Lights is an extension for Chrome that dims all of the webpage but the video you’re watching, so that you aren’t distracted by the disturbing and irritating elements of the webpage.

Also, with this extension, you can select the background color, and the opacity of the background. So if you want, you can adjust the default setting of black and an 80% opacity with a bright red and a 100% opacity if you so desire (though that would probably be more distracting than ever)

To enable the dimming, simply click the bulb icon that appears next to the video title after installing the extension.


Site Compatibility?

This extension will work with any site that has embedded video. I’m yet to find one that doesn’t work with it.