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Turn Your iPhone into a Numpad

So you’ve got yourself a netbook and you find it ever-so-irritating that you haven’t got that numberpad on the right of the keyboard. Without it, typing in numbers is a downright pain in the neck. And you got so used to having a numpad on your bigger 17″ laptop. What do you do??
You turn your iPhone into a numpad, that’s what you do.

Edovia’s NumPad Lets you Type Numbers on your iPhone



This iPhone app is one that complements your keyboard – by adding a number pad at the end of it. A touchscreen number pad.

Just install the app, lay down your iPhone where the numpad should have been, and type away. It connects to your computer wirelessly and connects via VNC.
And if the USB cable gets in the way, just place the phone upside down!

If you’re running OSX, you don’t have to install any additional software – the built in Screen Sharing Tool makes quick work of setting up the app. If you’re on Microsoft Windows, you’ll have to use a VNC software like RealVNC to get the job done.

Additionally, the NumPad app has layouts for Sibelius and Finale, and is the ideal companion for those who use it.

The biggest problem with NumPad is that the keyboard isn’t tactile, and that half negates the whole business of having a numpad anyway, since one usually relies on feel to type in the numbers, and that’s something that just won’t work with this iPhone app. Oh, and it doesn’t help that the back of the iPhone is curved 😉

If you absolutely must have a numpad, and you like the idea of carrying it around on your phone, then you can buy the app off the AppStore for $2.99