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Twitter updates Terms of Service: Now you are what you tweet

As Twitter struggles with the blues of bots, spam, DDoS attacks and a growth in popularity and criticism alike, Twitter founders are trying to realize the true potential of twitter and are eager to prove it as a ‘useful’ tool.



As new applications develop around Twitter and its usability and marketability is being speculated big time, an update to the TOS was around the corner. The ‘new’ Twitter TOS outlines several guidelines in response to:

  • Ownerships issues:

What you say on Twitter may be viewed all around the world instantly. You are what you Tweet!

  • Speculations on Monetizing Twitter:

We’re leaving the door open for exploration in this area but we don’t have anything to announce.

  • API utilization:

We encourage and permit broad re-use of Content. The Twitter API exists to enable this.

  • Stricter guidelines to curb abusive usage and SPAM

It is also providing an Archived copy of its past TOS as well as support for feedback. The changes in the TOS represent the will of Twitter founders to “complement the spirit of Twitter” and to better a service which is already creating a lot of buzz and already pushing competitors to go ‘Lite’.

You can read:

  • A post by Biz Stone on the Twitter Blog announcing and summarizing the changes:
  • The Twitter TOS:

You can also post your comments using the ‘feedback’ link on the Terms of Service page.

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