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Warehousing Tech Innovations to Look Out for in 2020

The warehousing industry is slowly adopting tech innovation to enable automation in mundane processes. Statistics show that online purchases in the warehousing industry increased by 14.2% in 2019. This alone is proof enough that customers are drawn to a business that offers convenience.

Automation empowers warehouses because it frees up the staff to focus on customer support. Aside from enabling paperless warehouse and embracing cloud computing, warehouses also invest in equipment that takes the heavy lifting out of the equation.

Thus far, it’s already quite obvious that cloud system automation will be a dominant factor in 2020. Every warehouse strives to achieve customer satisfaction and this technology facilitates the same. Several supply chain leaders already understand that if they fail to embrace tech innovation, their business will lag behind in 2020.

To achieve retail warehousing success, you have to overlook the cost that comes with changing up your operations. After all, all this will pay off in the long run. You’re better off staying ahead of the game instead of trying to catch up when you get left behind.

When new systems enter the industry, you have to have them in place of the old technologies. Not only will other businesses do the same, but customers will also expect more efficiency because word gets around fast.

Here are tech innovation technologies you should look out for in 2020.

1.    Installation of RFID Systems

The warehousing industry is not new to radio frequency identification (RFID) systems but not many warehouses have had them installed. This is an excellent way of tracking items and transfering data in a big storage unit like a warehouse.

It’s a system composed of readers and printers which increases the efficiency of reading data. Unlike barcode systems, an RFID system doesn’t have to be seen for it to capture the information on product tags.

Additionally, these systems have a large storage capacity that comes in handy for warehouses. All you have to do is specify the range for data tracking and capturing and the RFID system will do the rest.

RFID systems save a lot of time because they can read up to 200 tags at a time. Unlike barcode systems that require you to capture data one product at a time.

2.    Real-Time Location Systems

Since warehouses are so big, you need a system that tracks the real-time location of all items within the establishment. A real-time location system (RTLS) is an advanced tech innovation that allows you to do just that.

This system allows you to determine what product needs to be re-stocked so you don’t run out. Looking for products in a warehouse can also be tedious if you don’t know their exact geographical location.

As a supply chain leader, you should ensure your warehouse has heavy-duty lifting solutions. This way, the staff has an easy time transporting items around the warehouse. Try Trucks & Trolleys for smooth and safe operation within your warehouse.

3.    Embracing the Best-in-class Warehouse Management Systems

If you have always questioned the accuracy of your inventory, then it’s about time you upgrade to the best in-class warehouse management system. A modern WMS allows you to fulfill all supply chain requirement without a problem. You can easily tell which products are on-demand and the ones that hardly get sold. This way, you ensure your loyal customers don’t come all the way to the warehouse only to find the item they came for is out of stock.

A real-time warehouse environment puts your mind at ease because there is no chance you’ll be caught unawares. Aside from making inventory management easier, you also get to enhance customer buying experience. Each time a customer inquiries if a product is in stock, you have the answer at the tip of your fingers.


Warehousing tech innovations are meant to streamline operations in such a dynamic environment. The innovation does not only take the pressure of your staff. They also ensure your customers are satisfied with your service delivery.