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The Best Software for Malware Removal

Its designation being a reference to its maliciousness (malicious intent), “malware” is essentially software that’s been designed for nefarious purposes, either to disrupt someone’s computer system or glean some type of information from it.  Part of the problem with malware of course is that it often remains largely invisible and/or...
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How to Find or Recover Windows 7 Product Key

Last week, I’ve installed the latest version of Windows – Windows 7 on at least four different machines and was asked by one of the new and rather forgetful users that if he were to forget the Windows 7 product key, how would he find/trace it out again. I took...

Add or Remove “New” Menu Items From Explorer’s Context Menu

Everyone knows the “New” submenu that is positioned in Windows Explorer’s right-click context menu. You use it to create a new folder, text file, image, spreadsheet, etc. However, sometimes this menu can get very crowded as you install more and more applications on your computer. ShellNewHandler lets your Customise Explorer’s...

Windows 7 Powersaving Utility – PowerPlan 7

Windows 7 was released a couple of months ago with a whole bunch of new features. Unfortunately, the power management leaves a lot to be desired. Power Plan Assistant 7 is a small tool for managing power consumption on Windows 7. Features Powerplan has a dynamic system tray icon that...

Notepad GNU – Light & Powerful Text Editor

On Windows, we have Notepad – and many of us have often wondered why they couldn’t ship something that had more features than notepad does. There are a number of alternatives to Notepad out there, and a lot of them are too rich with features. But not Notepad GNU. Notepad...

Baobab – a Filesystem Space Analyser

So you’ve got this spanking new 500GB hard drive, and you excitedly start filling it up with things. But, after a week, it’s almost full! But you don’t understand what is taking up all that space. If you’re a bit of a Linux geek, you would have heard of the...

TweakMe – an Easy, Comprehensive Windows-Tweaker

If you want to tweak every last thing on your Windows installation without touching the registry, you can use a number of tweaking tools. TweakMe is an easy-to-use, comprehensive and simple tool to tweak a wide variety of things without having to touch the registry yourself. TweakMe features TweakMe has...
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